This solo Christmas photoshoot is Noche Buena edition of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ series

January 11, 2021 - 7:38 PM
Queen's Gambit by Grace Casitas
Grace Borromeo Casitas poses in this picture taken by Jaggy Nicolas Lanuza for a Christmas photoshoot in reference to Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit." (Photo from News5 via Facebook)

A Filipino’s Christmas solo photoshoot gained traction for referencing popular Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit” in a way that amused social media users.

Facebook user Grace Borromeo Casitas shared pictures of her inspired by the style of the show’s leading role, Anna Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon, with the dining table across her.

“Queen’s Gambit: Noche Buena Edition. Hope it’s not too late,” she wrote as a caption in her post that she shared on a public Facebook group called “Queen’s Gambit Chessposting.”

Based on Casitas’ post, her makeup was done by “joshyyy” while the pictures were taken by Jaggy Nicolas Lanuza.

The images featured Casitas looking at their Noche Buena spread instead of a chessboard.

One picture showed Casitas getting a cheese puto or a Filipino steamed rice cake instead of holding a chess piece.

Her post on the Facebook group has gained 13,000 likes and reactions and 6,900 shares as of this writing.

It has also been featured on News5’s Facebook, where it was called “Queen’s Gutom.”


“Actually nagkataon lang po siya. Though may mga nakapagsabi naman po sa akin na hawig ko ‘yung gumanap. Pero ‘di rin po namin alam ano naisip namin nun, siguro po gutom lang. Nagugutom nga po ako ngayon eh, habang tina-type ‘to hahaha,” Casitas told the news outlet.

Some of the foods featured in her photoshoot are puto, salad and sushi bake, one of the food trends that sprouted during quarantine period last year.

“The Queen’s Gambit” is a miniseries on Netflix that features a talented young woman and her rise to chess stardom as she grapples with addiction. It is based on a 1983 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis.

Reports note that it reached the Top 10 list of viewers in the Philippines over the last three weeks as of November.

The series premiered on the streaming giant last October 23.

Google search queries about the sport and ‘how to play chess’ also went up in the country, with downloads for‘s app also rising dramatically. The number of daily players in online site also peaked during the show’s first few weeks on the platform,” reported.

“Meanwhile the novel itself, written by Walter Trevis, has found itself on The New York Times bestseller list more than three decades after its release,” it added.