Got a shot? Get a doughnut! Krispy Kreme gives away treat to vaccinated

March 24, 2021 - 3:40 PM
Image by Ravi Palwe via Unsplash

LOS ANGELES —Known for their perfectly glazed sugary treats, people now have another reason to appreciate doughnut chain Krispy Kreme.

Starting last Monday, anyone who shows a valid COVID-19 vaccination card at a Krispy Kreme store in the United States will receive a free glazed doughnut.

“I came straight to Krispy Kreme after I heard the news,” said Tae Kim, 32, who wasted no time in claiming his free doughnut in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank after being vaccinated on Monday.

The free treats will be available to every vaccinated person every day until 2022, so no one will be left out, even those not yet eligible for a vaccination, said Dave Skena, Krispy‘s chief marketing officer.

Not everyone praised the giveaway, with some Twitter users pointing to the link between obesity and the severity of COVID-19 infections.

In response, Skena said, “As with any indulgent product, it’s best enjoyed in moderation. We think that our consumers are smart enough to do that.”

Krispy Kreme gave away over 30 million doughnuts in 2020. It has no idea how many doughnuts it will give away in the remainder of 2021, Skena said, but the more, the better.

“Don’t worry about us,” he said. “We can make more doughnuts. As many as we can give away, the happier we are, because that means we’re getting closer and closer to what we all want, which is returning life to normal.”

Customer Steve Hines said the free treat was just the icing on the cake. Or doughnut.

“The vaccination is a reward all by itself. That is the reward – staying alive, but the doughnut is just like a little pat on the back, just reinforces that,” he said. Reporting by Jane Ross in Los Angeles and Sandra Stojanovic in Burbank, California; Editing by Karishma Singh and Leslie Adler