‘Bawal celeb’: ‘Lissa Soberano’ raffle draw winner draws quips online

November 7, 2023 - 5:50 PM
Publication material showing Lissa Soberano as the raffle draw winner of an online promo and a photo of Krispy Kreme's kiosk at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City (krispykremeph/Facebook)

A familiar name won an iPhone 14 in a raffle draw of a donut brand.

Krispy Kreme Philippines on November 6 released the names of the 86 winners of its Holiday Giveaways raffle draw. The prizes range from Apple devices, free trip to South Korea, to a one-month supply of donuts and coffee.

“CONGRATULATIONS to all 86 winners!” Krispy Kreme wrote.

“We also want to thank all those who participated in our raffle promotion and we’re looking forward to spotting more happy moments with you,” the post reads.

Screenshot of winners of Krispy Kreme Philippines’ holiday giveaway (krispykremeph/Facebook)

What gained buzz, meanwhile, was the name “Lissa Soberano,” which was a few letters away from the namesake of former Kapamilya star Liza Soberano.

This person won an iPhone 14, which Apple released last year.

Krispy Kreme Philippines winner Lissa Soberano (krispykremeph/Facebook)

The brand’s post garnered 13,000 reactions, 477 comments and 1,200 comments so far.

Most Filipinos seemed to be also amused by it based on the 13,000 laugh reactions.

Some of them also joked about the winner being a celebrity.

“Mayaman na yan ha,” a Facebook user quipped.

“Dapat bawal na celeb,” another Facebook user commented in jest.

Krispy Kreme later replied to them, saying that this individual is not related to the artist they are referencing.

“Winners have been drawn with the presence of a DTI [Department of Trade and Industry] representative. The winner announced is not related to the artist who holds a similar name. She’s one of our OG cardholders who happens to share a name alike with hers,” the donut company said.

Meanwhile, the rest of the lucky winners are:

  • Gloria Santelices who won a trip to South Korea
  • Kazel Sison who won an iPad 10th generation model
  • Blue ticket holders who won a month’s supply of Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee

This incident was similar to the “Imelda Marcos” name in last year’s weekly winners of Maya’s online promotions.

Some Filipinos hoped in jest that this person would donate her prize money to others instead of keeping it.

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Meanwhile, Liza, the actress and model, landed in one headline after the other following her vlog titled “This is Me” where she introduced herself as Hope Soberano, and the subsequent drop of her new endorsement with Maya.

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She will debut in the Hollywood horror comedy film “Lisa Frankenstein,” wherein she plays Taffy, a cheerleader and the stepsister of Lisa, a high school outcast. Lisa is played by Kathryn Newton.

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