‘Where is E?’: Liza Soberano asked after holding block screening for Enrique Gil’s comeback film

March 7, 2024 - 12:18 PM
Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil in this photo posted on Enrique's Instagram on Jan. 4, 2022 (enriquegil17/Instagram)

“Where is E?”

This was the comment of some internet users who learned that actress Liza Soberano held a block screening of actor Enrique Gil‘s comeback movie, “I Am Not Big Bird,” in the Philippines.

Reports said that the US-based actress on Tuesday watched the sex comedy film with some colleagues from Careless, her current handler, after landing in Manila.

The actress set up the block screening after missing its special screening before.

At that time, Liza had to attend a cosmetics event as its brand ambassador and was supposed to fly back to Los Angeles to promote her debut Hollywood film, “Lisa Frankenstein.”

“I Am Not Big Bird” held its premiere night in the Philippines on February 13.

Meanwhile, the “Lisa Frankenstein” actress recently praised Enrique in his silver screen comeback through Instagram Stories.

“Went straight to the theaters from the airport last night to watch I Am Not Big Bird. Congratulations, @enriquegil17!! This movie had me crying from laughing so much!” she wrote with emojis of a laughing-with-tears face and a bird.

The actress also reposted an IG Story of creative director Kimi Felices who thanked the former for “setting up” the block screening.

A showbiz site posted screengrabs of their posts, catching the attention of some Filipinos who noticed that the other half of the LizQuen tandem was noticeably absent.

“Fan service pero wala si Enrique,” a Pinoy wrote in the comments section of the site.

“The supposed boy friend was not even invited to a block screening of his own movie by his supposed girl friend,” another commenter wrote.

“Inindian sya ni Enrique! Char!” exclaimed a different Pinoy. “Inindian” is an expression used to refer to people who don’t show up on the agreed time and date.

Another commenter claimed Enrique was “out of the country” at the moment. As of this writing, there are no posts indicating the actor is abroad.

During the special screening of “I Am Not Big Bird” before, the actor said he understood that Liza was busy at that time.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m gonna have another screening with her pagbalik niya,” Enrique told entertainment reporter MJ Felipe before. “She’s really busy.”

When asked if he was disappointed about Liza’s absence, Enrique replied: “No, no, no. Of course not. I totally understand, don’t worry.”

Enrique attended the Philippine premiere of “Lisa Frankenstein” on February 7. It happened several hours after the global premiere in Los Angeles, which Liza attended with the “Lisa Frankenstein” team.

The actor previously said he was glad to be supporting Liza as he always was, even if she was thousands of miles away.

“I’m so happy, I just can’t believe it. We were just there in New Orleans shooting the film, and just to be here at the premiere, it doesn’t feel real,” Enrique said before.

“I’ve always been a supporter since Day 1. Sabi ko talaga, ‘Til the day I die, I will always support her,'” he added.

“This is her dream! Whatever she wants to do in life, I’m all for it,” the actor further said, describing Liza’s flourishing Hollywood career.

The tandem has been hounded by split rumors since last year.

The rumors have since been amplified by the confirmed breakups of other celebrity couples in 2024 alone, such as Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones, as well as Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque.

Last February, Enrique said they were “happy” and that they were “just really busy.”

When asked if he and Liza were still together, Enrique said: “Yeah, yeah.”

“I think we just realized na, in life, parang, we shouldn’t always be centered around each other,” the actor said before.

Liza and Enrique have been in a relationship for the past eight years, although they only confirmed it in 2019.

They have headlined several projects as an onscreen couple, such as “Forevermore,” “My Ex and Whys,” “Dolce Amore,” and “Make It With You.”