Past reports of Liza Soberano denying claims of getting offer from ‘Spider-Man’ resurface

March 8, 2023 - 2:10 PM
Liza Soberano_Instagram
Liza Soberano in this photo posted on her Instagram account on March 4, 2023 (Shaira Luna via lizasoberano/Instagram)

Reports about Liza Soberano‘s denial of getting an offer to play a role in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” resurfaced after Careless chief executive officer Jeffrey Oh claimed they reached out to her before.

The CEO was on the panel of the Second Philippine Creative Industries Summit on March 7, Tuesday, where he reportedly talked about the local entertainment scene.

According to the Korean-American businessman, the Philippines “is the most exciting place in the world for entertainment executives.”

Jeffrey then claimed that one of their talents, Liza, was offered to “audition” for the role of MJ or Michelle Jones, the love interest of Peter Parker played by Tom Holland.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige previously said that MJ “was not Mary Jane Watson” but a “new high school character.”

This was famously played by Zendaya in the movie.

“They reached out to her to audition [for the role of] Mary Jane, one of the most iconic characters,” Jeffrey was quoted as saying by

“And she was not allowed because she had to do the same thing she was always doing,” he added.

Jeffrey additionally claimed it was Liza’s contract with ABS-CBN that had stopped her from pursuing the role.

He said the contract entailed her staying ten years with the management, which he described “was unheard of anywhere else in the world.”

“Imagine, a Filipina actress was [the star in] one of the biggest Marvel movies in history. Imagine [if] she was Mary Jane, what that would do for Philippine entertainment,” the Careless CEO added.

“She could’ve been representing our country all over the world. There are other stars in the same situation,” Jeffrey further said.

Liza signed with James Reid‘s record label last year.

She was previously with Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s talent management arm, for over ten years, where her onscreen tandem with Enrique Gil — the “LizQuen” — was born.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey’s remarks prompted some accounts and online users to recall Liza’s comments about the alleged Marvel role in 2016.

“Liza denied that years ago lol, I was at the eye of the storm wkwkkwkw Filo MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] stans were fancasting her and that was it,” a Twitter user said in response to the Careless CEO.

Another online user shared a screengrab of an article and wrote: “Liza Soberano herself already denied this rumor. Sana mag-fact check muna ‘yung mga perfect sa quotes and replies.”

A Twitter account giving Kapamilya-related updates also resurfaced an ABS-CBN article of Liza denying rumors of being offered the role of MJ.

“FROM THE VAULT: Liza (now Hope Soberano) denies getting offer to play Mary Jane in ‘Spider-Man,” user @kowalerts wrote on Wednesday.

“Speaking to ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe before she left for Italy, Soberano clarified it was just her fans who suggested the idea,” it added, quoting the report.

In June 2016, her network reported that she “vehemently denied” claims of her getting an offer to play as Peter Parker’s love interest.

“It’s not really an invitation. I think it was what the fans wanted lang, fans of Marvel,” Liza said to entertainment reporter MJ Felipe before.

“I think one of them is Pinay and parang she tweeted that, parang kung merong magiging Mary Jane Watson, she would want it to be me. All my fans started retweeting it and everything, but wala naman po talagang invitation,” the actress added.

Liza, however, said that she would be honored if she had an offer.

“[Kung meron], I would love that. That would be a nice opportunity,” she added.

Another report said the actress’ manager at that time, Ogie Diaz, had also denied claims of her getting an offer from Marvel.

At that time, Liza was playing a lead role in the romance teleserye “Dolce Amore” as Serena Marchesa.