Bayanihan for Malabon Zoo: Netizens launch donation drive for zoo animals hit by COVID-19 pandemic

June 11, 2021 - 1:49 PM
A photo of Malabon Zoo taken last May 2020 ( Adel)

An old zoo in Malabon City is calling for donations to fund the food of animals.

Manny Tangco, owner of the Malabon Zoo, Aquarium and Botanical Garden or commonly known as Malabon Zoo, first made the appeal in 2020 following the zoo’s closure due to the tough lockdowns amid the still ongoing pandemic.

The 31-year-old zoo in Barangay Potrero remains closed despite the relaxed restrictions in the National Capital Region.

The old establishment is famous for its wild animals, who were named after celebrities, actors, politicians and other personalities.

Months after Tangco made the appeal, some social media users took the appeal online and likewise sought help for the zoo.

On Thursday, a Reddit user posted a photo of the zoo’s entrance where a big tarpaulin was placed in front of it.

The tarpaulin presented the zoo founder’s call for public donations, which read: “Please help with your cash donation for food of the zoo animals. Thank you!”

“Let us help the Malabon zoo!” the Reddit user said.

A Filipino fanbase of Korean group BTS, meanwhile, also launched a donation drive for the same cause.

In a post on June 10, the page called ARMY Cavite Fanbase announced that they managed to collect P80,000 to heed Tangco’s call for financial aid.

ARMY which stands for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth” is the official fandom name of South Korean boygroup, BTS.

“This donation is named under BTS and ARMY. Thank you so much to Filipino ARMYs who never get tired in helping not just people but also animals!” read the post.


Last December, Tangco also sent a letter to The STAR where he also sought financial help.

The zoo founder also noted that the lockdowns became a “predicament” for them financially.

“We come knocking at your kind heart, if you have the extra funds, to donate to the Malabon Zoo Foundation for the food of the zoo animals,” Tangco said.

Tangco also admitted that he had previously been spending his own savings and borrowing money from relatives to help sustain the needs of the animals.

“Nanlimos na ako ng donations for the zoo,” Tangco said.

As of writing, donations can still be sent through the Bank of the Philippine Islands with the account number 4641-0003-32.

The account name is “The Malabon Zoo and Botanical Garden Foundation, Inc.”