Finance app’s odd commercial prompts talks about loans in Philippines

July 7, 2021 - 7:54 PM
Screengrab from the commercial provided by Katok agency

(Updated 12:10 p.m.; July 8, 2021) An odd video advertisement that promoted a financial application prompted some conversations about loans in the Philippines.

DiskarTech, a digital finance application of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, released the advertisement on social media on Monday.

“ANAK NG KALABAW! Pwede na ang utang, ipon, insurance, and more sa DiskarTech app!” read the post.


It has since earned 1.1 million views; 19,000 reactions and 5,700 shares on Facebook.

In the short video, one farmer asked his friend to borrow a carabao. His friend told him that he is still using the farm animal and rebuked him into buying a tricycle.

The farmer then asked if he could lend him some money for it. His friend strongly refused, saying: “Neknek mo!”

It was here when the video took a disturbing turn. A man suddenly emerged from behind the carabao’s body to the surprise of both the farmers and the viewers.

The man then promoted DiskarTech to them. After telling them about the app, he then returned to the carabao the same way.

“Nananaginip ba ko?” one of the farmers asked.

The advertisement ended when one of the farmers claimed that the app was indeed effective for loans and savings.

Social media users praised the creativity and the odd nature of the advertisement for a financial service.

The advertisement also reached Reddit where it gathered more than 1,800 upvotes or likes.

The unique theme of the advertisement likewise sparked the public’s interest in loans and the offerings of the finance app.

“Pwede [mangutang] dito?” a Facebook user asked.

“Ang tanong magkano interest?” a Reddit user asked.

The social media page of the app responded and said loaning is allowed.

“Of course! Pwede ka talagang umutang dito pero don’t forget to download our app first,” it wrote. 

Aside from the peculiarity of the advertisement, conversations about loaning in the country were also raised on social media.

“Ads like this encourages unjust loan application. I mean if gagamitin nya talaga yung tricycle why not. Pero loans like this probably have higher interest rate which is bad like we can’t negotiate a better terms on that. Also, on my opinion it is much better to get a 2nd hand anyway as vehicle’s value depreciates over time. With that said. Don’t buy something you can’t afford unless it’ll yield a significant return,” one Reddit user said.

Another Reddit user suggested an agricultural reform that is in favor of Filipino farmers.

“O kaya bigyan ng matinong programa yung agriculture sector natin at wag baratin ng mga malalaking kumpanya yung mga magsasaka para kumita naman at makapagipon, kesa puros loan ang i-ooffer sa kanila,” the online user said.

Loan app for inclusivity 

Meanwhile, Lito Villanueva, executive vice president and chief innovation and inclusion officer of RCBC, said that the finance app was created in Taglish or combined Filipino and English languages for “inclusivity.”

“To truly push for inclusivity, we needed to create a product that is easy, simple and relatable to Filipinos. The Diskartech app is in Taglish in order to break the comprehension barrier, and allow banking newbies to navigate it with ease,” Villanueva said in a release.

The app, dubbed “Ang App ng Masa,” claims to be the first financial app in Taglish.

It is also available in Cebuano and soon, in other languages and dialects as well.

Clients who chose to apply for loans via DiskarTech can enjoy a higher 3.25% interest on savings.