Responding to Pialago’s claims on rally as a requirement, Miriam College circles back to its motto ‘veritas’

July 8, 2021 - 5:56 PM
On the left: New logo of Miriam College from its official website On the right: Photo of MMDA Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago via Facebook

Miriam College cited the meaning behind its logo, that is, “the truth,” in response to a government official’s claim that joining rallies was required when she was still a student at the school.

The academic institution issued this statement on the same day as the unveiling of its redesigned logo for its 100th founding anniversary.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago, who is also the spokesperson for the NTF-ELCAC Youth Affairs, early this week made the claims on rallies in a live-streamed event on July 5.

Pialago was with the officials of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) during this event.

“I have to admit nung mga panahon po na yun, ang pagsali ho sa mga rally, very present din po ako diyan. Honestly speaking po kasi, pag estudyante ka, ang pagsali kasi sa rally, minsan, dagdag points yun sa klase. Totoo, totoo. Kasama yung sa requirement,” Pialago said.

In response to its former student’s claim, Miriam College informed its community of its new logo and what it stands for.

“Our response is to clarify what Miriam College education is all about, and in the process, we take the opportunity to inform our students, alumni, faculty, other administrators, parents, and friends about our new logo and what it stands for and how it guides Miriam College in its educational objectives,” it said.

The college administration was referring to the school’s motto, “Veritas” or truth which is also the meaning behind its re-designing logo.

“Since its founding in 1926, Miriam College has emphasized going beyond course requirements in search of Truth as the primary goal of education. Veritas is more than facts, and the word Truth or Veritas is capitalized to signify its transcendence,” it said.

While it did not directly deny or agree with Pialago, the school emphasized that its students are not “cookie-cutter academic products.” Rather, they are encouraged to engage in political affairs for a “just and peaceful society.”

“Miriam College students are not cookie-cutter academic products given the various opportunities offered to study the body politic. Empowered to participate in political affairs and various development programs and not to remain bystanders nor fence-sitters, they become engaged citizens committed to building a just and peaceful society,” it said.

Students are also trained to “appreciate dissent” in a democracy.

“In being trained to respect opposite choices taken by others, MC students also learn to appreciate dissent as part of a healthy democracy while being reminded to act in loving charity, regardless of differences, by Christ’s symbol, the Chi Rho in the center of the logo,” it said.

“Miriam College hopes that its graduates will remain engaged in important issues, wherever they are, and will always be guided by a constant North Star called Veritas,” it added.

Some MC alumni and graduates of other schools dismissed Pialago’s claim as false, saying that they never experienced having additional points or grades from joining rallies. They also said attending protests is not a class requirement.

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