‘Ako na walang hazard pay’: Nurse Even turns reaction to Kisses’ viral ‘baon’ interview into meme

September 13, 2021 - 5:37 PM
Photos of Kisses Delavin and John Steven Soriano, aka Nurse Even (Instagram/Kisses, Facebook/Nurse Even)

John Steven Soriano, known as “Nurse Even” online, referenced the health workers’ need for hazard pay in his funny reaction to Kisses Delavin‘s latest interview.

Delavin, also a Miss Universe Philippines candidate, was the guest of TV host Boy Abunda’s online talk show called “The Purple Chair Interview” on his YouTube channel.

In the interview, Delavin shared that she only spent P100 per week of her P1,000 daily allowance when she was still studying in De La Salle University.

The aspiring beauty queen went to DLSU for one and a half year only.

She explained that she was able to save money because she ate at home, which is in their condominium unit across the DLSU campus.

“Sina mommy and daddy pinapabaunan ako ng P1,000 per day sa La Salle, pero I think I would spend mga 100, one week na ‘yun because I always eat at home,” Delavin said.

“It’s an adjustment na of course, you have to consider your friends din, pero I always make sure I don’t spend too much,” she added.

Delavin also added that she had already learned the value of money at an early age.

“As a child, I really valued money, Tito Boy. I’m not kuripot naman pero I’m careful with how much I spend,” she said.

Delavin is one of the final 30 candidates who are set to compete for the much-anticipated Miss Universe Philippines competition on September 25.

Voting for the top 16 will open starting on September 13 to 24 through the Lazada app.

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Nurse Even’s hazard pay call

Soriano or Nurse Even, who became popular for his relatable, funny videos about life as a nurse, created a meme of himself as his reaction to Delavin’s anecdote.

In the meme, Soriano edited a screenshot of the 22-year-old Miss Universe delegate where she was talking about her allowance.

He then juxtaposed it with a crying photo of himself with a description: “Ako na walang hazard pay.”

The post was captioned with: “Ahhh talaga Kisses Delavin?”

He also tagged the Masbate beauty’s official Facebook page.

His post blew up on the platform with 165,000 reactions and 16,000 shares.

Most of the reactions were also positive with 160,000 laugh emojis and 2,600 likes. There were also 1,100 crying emojis.

The comments section were filled with “sana all” remarks, an indirect and witty expression of envy among Filipino internet users.

Some users were also able to relate to Soriano’s nurse woes.

“Yung hazard pay dito wala pa sa one-fourth ng allowance ni Kisses! Mapapasana all ka na lang kay Kisses,” one Facebook user said.

“Ay nasan ang justice kisses! Nahiya ang sahod ng nurses sa pinas sa baon ni Kisses,” another user wrote.

Groups of health workers previously held a ten-day mass action to demand their promised benefits from the national government.

Some groups also called for the resignation of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III over the perceived gaps in government’s handling of the pandemic.

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So far, the Department of Budget and Management has released around P1.2 billion to fund the long-awaited special risk allowance of health workers who handled infected patients.