‘Violation of law’: Bar chair warns examinees vs posting Notices of Admissions online

January 28, 2022 - 5:37 PM
Supreme Court
Facade of the Supreme Court building. (File Photo from Philippine News Agency)

Bar chair Marvic Leonen cautioned Bar 2020-2021 candidates against posting their Notices of Admission which is a crucial document for those who will take the examinations.

The Supreme Court magistrate on Friday told the examinees to refrain from sharing their NOA “in any form,” be it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other means.

“This is a violation of law and covered by your commitments under the honor code. This is your last and only warning,” he said on Twitter.

The Honor Code for Bar Examinees declares that they must not have done and will do “any act that can be construed as cheating or dishonesty by the Bar Chairperson or by the Supreme Court.”

“Likewise, I commit not to aid or tolerate anyone who attempts or commits any form of cheating or dishonesty before, during, and after the Bar Examinations,” the code reads.

Failure to comply with such commitments may cause them to be permanently disqualified from taking the present and future Bar examinations.

One Twitter user concurred with Leonen and claimed that sharing one’s NOA is also not allowed in exams by the Professional Regulation Commission.

“True. Kahit sa PRC bawal ‘yun,” she wrote in response to the associate justice’s tweet.

“True. Worst, some are posting other people’s NOA which they erroneously received,” another online user said in response to Leonen.

A Twitter user claiming to be a Bar candidate said that “social media is not the proper venue” for those who have concerns about their NOAs.

In a separate tweet, Leonen told the Bar examinees who have yet to receive their NOAs to “chill.”

“Do. Not. Panic. The necessary documents you need for the bar examinations will be emailed to you in due time. Be patient,” he wrote.

Once students receive the document, they should download the “Undertaking” which must be signed and submitted to the head proctor on the first day of the exams.

“Do not panic if you do not receive the e-mail immediately. Kindly note that examinees will not receive their Notices of Admission all at once,” Supreme Court Chief Judicial Staff Officer Emiliano Lejano III said on Tuesday.

The 2020/2021 Bar Examinations will have the biggest batch of exam candidates since it was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means examinees will be comprised of law students who have graduated in 2020 and 2021.