‘The Morning Rush is here to stay’: Monster RX93.1 reassures patrons amid April Fool’s Day prank

April 1, 2022 - 11:29 AM
April Fool's Day prank of Monster RX93.1 (Facebook/Monster RX93.1)

A popular radio station tried to trick its listeners into believing that its well-loved morning program will end by April as part of the April Fool’s Day tradition.

Monster RX93.1 on March 31 announced that it is bidding goodbye to its show “The Morning Rush,” which has been on air for over 25 years.

This announcement was posted on its social media accounts.

“The end of an era (pleading emoji),” they said.

“We’ll be saying goodbye to #TheMorningRush for now, but don’t worry! You’ll still hear Chico, Hazel, and Markki on different Monster shows. (hug emoji) Stay tuned for our updated program schedule soon,” they added.

The radio station even informed its listeners of a week-long farewell to TMR.

“Thank you for over 25 years of fun and laughter, Rushers! Join us for TMR’s Farewell Week on April 4-8 on air and online,” they said.

The post itself gathered 18,000 reactions, 2,900 comments and 3,900 on Facebook alone.

Loyal patrons immediately flocked to the comments section to express how much they’ll miss the show as they bid farewell to it.

Others even shared fond memories on when they became avid listeners.

A few users, however, expressed incredulity that the announcement is just a prank ahead of April Fool’s Day.

“Is this an early April Fool’s Day prank? I’ve been a silent rusher since early 2000 and TMR has helped me get through the homesickness phase of being an OFW for the past 12 years. Thanks TMR for the good times & memories,” one user said.

They were right all along.

On April 1, Monster posted again and announced that TMR is here to stay.

They also greeted their listeners “Happy April Fool’s Day!”

“Happy April Fool’s Day! Don’t worry, #TheMorningRush is here to stay on your airwaves for a long time,” their post reads.

“Your support means so much to us! We love you!” they added with a hug emoji and hashtags #RX931 and #IamAMonster.

This post earned 4,000 reactions, 963 comments and 639 shares so far.

Of the reactions, 4,500 were laugh emojis and 686 were hearts and 410 were likes.

The comments section, meanwhile, was filled with sentiments of relief, shock and annoyance.

“Kakainiiiiiis (eyeroll emojis,” said Jules Guiang, a youth advocate.

“Walangya kayo akala ko totoo,” said comedian Mark Averilla or Macoy Dubs.

“HEEEEEEEEEYYY!! I was so in a bad mood since yesterday after I saw that announcement and it was all for April Fools!!?! Gimme back my tears,” one user quipped.

The Morning Rush debuted way back in 1996. Its original radio DJs are Chico and Delamar.

The hosts changed over the years. However, there were mainstays such as Gino Quillamor or Gino and Rica G.