‘Trust the timing’: Despite delay, UST graduate tops MedTech licensure exam

August 30, 2022 - 3:47 PM
This undated photo shows the graduation photo of Kharam Molbog, who topped the August 2022 Medical Technology Licensure Examination (Kharam Molbog/Facebook)

Despite the delay in taking the licensure examination due to sickness, a Medical Technology graduate from the University of Santo Tomas topped the recently concluded board exam. 

With a 91.90% score, Kharam Molbog bested 3,582 takers for the August Medical Technology Licensure examination. 

In a Facebook post, Molbog said that he initially planned to take the board exam with the goal of becoming a topnotcher.

However, his plan was derailed after he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. 

Molbog said he could not concentrate on studying while undergoing medical treatment so he decided to halt taking the MedTech licensure examination.

“Over the years, I’ve considered this my biggest regret and failure, and I didn’t really want to face it again,” he said.

“I was scared of not meeting people’s expectations, but mostly, I was scared of not meeting the expectations I set for myself,” Molbog added.

Aside from this, Molbog is also busy in medical school and does not want to spend his summer vacation preparing for the board exam.

Last semester, however, Molbog’s fear lessened after taking tests in medical school, where he managed to pass. 

“I wanted closure. I wanted to get it over with, no matter the outcome,” Molbog said. 

The med student later enrolled in a review center. He kept this a secret from his loved ones, except his close friends, for fear of failing to meet others’ expectations.

“There is merit in taking your time. It doesn’t matter how many detours you took or how long it took you, or if you had to do it over and over. You will get there eventually, and it’ll all be worth it,” Molbog said. 

“What’s meant for you will come to you in due time,” he added. 

“Trust the timing and face your fears because you can do anything you set your mind to,” the board exam topnotcher said. 

Molbog expressed his gratitude to his parents, friends, and teachers in the same post. 

He also thanked God for waking him at 4:30 a.m. on exam day as he shared that he forgot to set his alarm clock. 

The board exam was conducted on August 20 and 21, where a total of 1,796 examinees passed, recording a 47.63% passing rate. 

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Meanwhile, Molbog’s Facebook post inspired many, where several online users congratulated him for his journey. The post has garnered 6,500 heart reactions; 1,400 shares and 226 comments.

“Salute to you… Congratulations Well done and you are a fighter… Sana what you did will be a challenge and inspiration to everyone who will be taking board exams,” one Facebook user commented.