What you need to know about kokando ‘pink pill,’ according to Arshie Larga

August 30, 2022 - 10:42 AM
Screenshots of Arshie Larga on his TikTok video about the kokando pills (TikTok/Arshie Larga)

Circulating “pink pills” called “kokando pills” can cause dehydration, diarrhea and other conditions if used for weight loss.

Pharmacist Arshie Larga expressed this warning in an informative TikTok video about the intake of the pills that were being talked about on social media and on TikTok recently.

Citing the website of the Kokando pharmaceutical company, Larga explained that the Beauluck A or the kokando pill contains Bisacodyl, a stimulant laxative for constipated patients.

This, therefore, should not be meant to be consumed for losing weight.

“Kaya kung lagi ka pong nag-tetake ng mga laxatives kahit hindi ka naman constipated, pwede ito magresulta ng pananakit ng tiyan, diarrhea, at dahil naglalabas ka ng maraming tubig, pedeng magkaron ng dehydration at electrolyte imbalance,” Larga said.

The TikTok star also made a quick lecture about the digestive process wherein he pointed out that nutrients, fats and calories are already absorbed in the body before they reach the large intestine.

Only waste materials that are not needed by the body go down the large intestine.

What will a stimulant laxative do to this process? If you take a stimulant laxative, it will increase the concentration of water and electrolytes in the large intestine to soften these wastes or stools.

It will also speed up the flow of waste materials there, thus, making the body lose bowel faster.

“In short, hindi ka naman nagbuburn ng calories or fats. Naglalabas lang ng tubig ang iyong katawan,” Larga said.

What FDA, medicine says

Larga also noted that the pill is not registered with the country’s Food and Drug Administration, citing two public advisories from the agencies.

FDA warned the public against the consumption of Beauluck A in two separate advisories in October and November 2019.

It was also stated on Kokando’s website that the product is not for losing weight.

“Bisacodyl, the main ingredient, stimulates colonic mucosa to increase intestinal peristalsis. It also promotes bowel movements to activate defecation reflex,” the website reads.

“Especially effective for obstinate and chronic constipation,” it added.

Medical website “WebMD” similarly debunked the perception of some people that forcing the body to empty its bowl contributes to losing weight.

“Laxatives don’t stop your body from absorbing calories or from gaining weight. The food you eat goes through lots of processes before it reaches your bowel and becomes a stool,” the article said.

“Your body absorbs calories, fat, and most nutrients before they get to the large intestine. What’s left of your food is waste that your body doesn’t need and that is mostly full of water and some minerals. The waste moves into your large intestine, where your body absorbs some of the water, minerals, and any other healthful substances that remain,” it added.