Teacher under probe for allegedly hitting students at Kalinga elementary school

September 7, 2022 - 5:41 PM
Photo of officials of the Department of Education's Kalinga division on August 17, 2022 (Facebook/DepEd Tayo Kalinga)

The Department of Education-Kalinga does not tolerate any form of abuse toward children.

This was the school division’s reaction to a circulating video clip that showed a school teacher who used her hands to discipline students in a class.

In the footage, a few students were in front of the class trying to answer math problems on the blackboard.

Two of the students, however, were struggling to answer the problems assigned to them.

The teacher then stood up, went behind the students and angrily slapped their backs.

The video clip became shaky. However, the teacher could still be heard reprimanding the students angrily.

The footage soon reached the education department.

In a statement, DepEd Kalinga said that it is still verifying teacher’s act.

“The Department of Education, Schools Division of Kalinga, as a learner institution committed to protecting the right of every Filipino, does not tolerate any form of abuse towards children,” the agency said.

“A video of a certain public school teacher showing an action of child abuse that has gone viral on social media yesterday has sought immediate and legal action from the DepEd Kalinga Child Protection Policy in charge to verify the issue. The result of findings shall be forwarded to the regional office of DepEd CAR for appropriate action,” it added.

DepEd Kalinga also reminded all teachers and non-teaching personnel to be ethical and professional when interacting and dealing with students.

“In these lines, DepEd Kalinga reminds teachers and non-teaching personnel to subject their words and actions to the highest ethical and professional standards at all times,” DepEd Kalinga said.

“Teachers, as public servants, must always maintain a safe and nurturing environment for students, free of physical, verbal, and other forms of abuse and discrimination,” it added.

The department’s school division assured the public that it continues to strengthen its policies to protect learners against any form of abuse.

“As we celebrate Teachers’ Month, DepEd continuously strengthens its policies and capacity–building activities to further promote our advocacy of protecting our learners against any form of abuse,” DepEd Kalinga said.

Update on the incident

A report of 98.5 iFM Cauayan, a radio station based in Cauayan, Isabela, stated that the incident was recorded during a class at the Bangad Centro Elementary School in Tinglayan, Kalinga last April.

The report also stated that the school teacher in the viral video already apologized for what she did after her actions drew flak.

The teacher took a leave of absence following this.

Barangay officials also took separate actions to ensure that such an event will not happen again.

Meanwhile, Amador Garcia Sr., Schools Division Superintendent of School Division of Kalinga said that the teacher has been in the profession for more than 20 years already.

Garcia also made an assurance that their office does not condone any form of bullying as it violates the Child Protection Policy.

DepEd Cordillera has yet to impose disciplinary action on the implicated teacher.