Kpop fans’ reactions to Filipino artists’ cover of Seventeen, Aespa songs

September 14, 2022 - 12:35 PM
Composte shows Ruru Madrid, Rayver Cruz, Ken Chan, Glaiza de Castro, Gabbie Garcia, and Julie Anne San Jose (Stills from All Out Sunday/GMA Singers YouTube)

The performance of several Filipino artists earned online buzz as they sang and danced to popular Kpop songs. 

In an episode of the variety show “All Out Sunday,” GMA artists Rayver Cruz, Miguel Tanfelix, Ruru Madrid, and  Ken Chan hyped the crowd with Seventeen’s “Left and Right.” 

Meanwhile, Julie Anne San JoseGabbi Garcia, and Glaiza De Castro performed Aespa’s “Next Level.” 

However, they seemed to fail to bring their performance to the next level as many found the artists’ Kpop cover unsynchronized and poorly executed. 

“Someone is just speaking gibberish here,” an online user wrote

“This ain’t next level, this is previous level cuz w*f is this,” another said

“Seriously, these shows need to stop trying so hard to make their artists perform Kpop songs just for the sake of them [having] viewers. kung hindi naman mapaghandaan nang maayos, wag na lang,” a Twitter user said

A social media user also pointed out the wrong pronunciation of Korean words. 

Other than the negative comments, an online user has noted how talented Filipino artists are. Instead, she urged the network to stop doing Kpop covers unless the performers knew how to pronounce the foreign words correctly. 

“I mean, these girls are no doubt talented, Julie Anne can sing, I’ve heard her a million times already, and she has a great voice, Glaiza and Gabbi as well. But GMA better stop with this Kpop cover unless they’re fluent in it or unless they had time to practice to pronounce it correct,” the Twitter user wrote

Another shared a similar idea and said, “can we leave the Korean songs to the Korean artists pls.” 

The performance of Filipino artists has also sparked hilarious and witty comments from the public. 

The Facebook page that reposted the video of their performance played around and mixed the names of Kpop idols and Filipino celebrities. 

“Jeonghan Cruz, Wonwoo Madrid, S.Coups Tanfelix & Mingyu Chan performs ‘Left & Right,'” the Facebook page wrote in the caption. 

“Karina Sanjose, Giselle Garcia & Winter De Castro performs ‘Next Level,’ the social media page captioned another video

“Ganito siguro tayo pakinggan kung kinakanta natin yung kpop songs sa videokehan,” a Facebook user said in jest.

As of writing, the “Left and Right” cover video has earned about more than 13,000 reactions, 300,000 views and 2,000 comments. 

Meanwhile, the “Next Level” cover has garnered around 800 reactions and more than 13,000 views.