‘Hurdle race?’ Pedestrian lane blocked by railings irks commuters

September 14, 2022 - 6:41 PM
This May 2022 photo shows the pedestrian lane blocked by railings located along Tayuman Street in Sampaloc, Manila (Google Streetv VIew)

A photo of a pedestrian lane blocked by railings on its end earned criticisms online.

The pedestrian lane is located on Tayuman Street near LRT 1 Station in Sampaloc, Manila. 

The earliest Google Map Street View recorded in 2014 indicates that there has been railing in the area but no crosswalk was painted. But a pedestrian sign can be spotted on the corner. 

The photo shows a portion of Tayuman Street (Google Street View)

From June 2017 to February 2021, two white vertical parallel lines appear to have been painted on the road—different from the usual zebra or ladder crosswalk. 

A fully painted pedestrian crossing was only seen in May 2022 based on Google Maps Street View.

Obstacle course, parkour?

The viral photo has also earned witty and hilarious comments online. 

“Obstacle course na may konting pedestrian lane,” a Facebook user wrote in jest. 

“Track and field. Pagkatawid sabay talon po,” a Facebook user wrote

Another liken the crosswalk and railing to a hurdle race. 

“Pag lumusot kasi sa railings may free dunkin donut,” an online user said in jest. 

Despite the fanfare, others lamented the state of the pedestrian lane. 

“Sa totoo lang kahit nakakatawa. Nakakalungkot pa din eh. Kaya nakakapagod mag commute dahil sa mga ganyan eksena e,” a Facebook user said

Aside from this pedestrian lane, a photo of a narrow sidewalk that was blocked by yellow-black safety warning posts also made headlines recently. Some even described it as an obstacle course. The sidewalk is located along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

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