Outer space? Reporter responds to viral broadcast on outdoor masking

September 19, 2022 - 7:21 PM
Did a reporter say face masks can be removed in "outer space" or "outdoor space"? (Interaksyon artwork)

A correspondent poked fun at a clip where social media users thought they heard him saying “outer space” instead of “outdoor space” while reporting live in Quezon City last week.

ABS-CBN reporter Raphael Bosano, whose beat is health and disasters, responded to a viral tweet that featured an excerpt from his broadcast where he mentioned that he chose to wear a face mask outdoors.

“‘San po,” the Twitter account wrote in jest as a caption.

Bosano was reporting to the network’s broadcasting studio from an outdoor area when he said he chose to keep his mask on since there were many people in his background.

The clip containing the clip has earned over 476,500 views, 18,000 likes, over 2,600 retweets and more than 1,300 quote tweets so far.

The majority of online users thought of hearing “outer space” instead of “outdoor space” from his broadcast.

The clip reached Bosano, who responded: “To the moon and back! Pero pramis, outdoor talaga sinabi ko.”

He accompanied his tweet with emojis of a waxing gibbous moon, a ringed planet, a rocket and a laughing-with-tears face.

The reporter added another clip where the news anchors in the studio poked fun at the viral moment.

“Bilis ng weekend! Balik na tayo sa outer, este, outdoors bukas. Mask up pa rin everyone!” Bosano wrote as a caption with another set of emojis.

Last week, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr signed Executive Order No. 3 which allows the optional use of face masks outdoors in non-crowded settings with good ventilation.

Immunocompromised, the elderly and those that are not yet fully vaccinated are still “highly encouraged” to keep their masks on.

Despite this, some government agencies, including the health department, advised the public to continue wearing face covering while the pandemic is still prevailing.

Experts from the global community said that wearing a face mask and strictly practicing physical distancing measures can limit the virus’ transmission, which can be spread through respiratory droplets or aerosols containing viral particles.