‘Bawal yan’: Chel Diokno says using candies as change ‘illegal’

October 11, 2022 - 5:26 PM
This 2018 photo shows students patronizing "tusok-tusok" from a vendor near their school in Quezon City (Michael Varcas/The Philippine Star)

Candies as sukli or change?

Lawyer Chel Diokno said using candies as change is prohibited under the No Shortchanging Act.

“Hindi tama ang pagbibigay ng kendi bilang sukli. Bawal ‘yan!” the lawyer wrote in a TikTok caption.

Citing the law, he said the right amount of change should be given to the consumer. 

Diokno said establishments that do not give the right amount of change may be reported to the Department of Trade and Industry.

This complaint must be reported to the agency within ten working days since the violation was committed.

Violation of the law has a penalty fee of P500 to P25,000 or 3% to 10% of gross sales on the day of violation, whichever is higher, may be imposed. 

The business permit of violators may also be revoked, Diokno noted. 

“Alam mo ang dapat sayo. ‘Wag tatangap ng kulang. Ganoon din sa life ha? At sa mga pinuno natin,” the lawyer said. 

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