Delivery rider brings parcel, laughter to pregnant woman in labor 

November 22, 2022 - 6:25 PM
Photo shows a delivery rider giving a parcel to pregnant woman in labor (Noreen Anne Princess Tiempo/Facebook)

A delivery rider earned online buzz after bringing the parcel of a pregnant woman who was about to give birth in a maternity clinic in Compostela, Davao De Oro.

On Sunday, November 20, Noreen Anne Princess Tiempo shared a photo of her pregnant sister-in-law and the rider. 

“I really like J&T Delivery. Kuya is very hardworking. But we all laughed because we were busy with our pregnant because we felt when she had the parcel, there was no doubt that Kuya Delivery went to the maternity (clinic). Hahahaha!” Tiempo wrote in Cebuano.

Tiempo said they found the experience hilarious as the rider even took a picture of the parcel with her sister-in-law as proof that she received the package, which contains clothes for the baby. 

The baby was safely delivered, according to Tiempo. He was also given the nickname JNT Parcel Baby

As of writing, the post garnered more than 15,000 reactions, 911 comments and more than 10,000 shares.