‘Transparency’: Tiktoker Arshie Larga releases donation ‘annual report’

December 27, 2022 - 5:54 PM
Photo shows TikTok content creator Arshie Larga (Arshie Larga/Instagram)

TikTok content creator Arshie Larga earned praises for his transparency on the donations he received to give free medicines to those in need. 

The donation drive started last year when Arshie posted a QR code of his mobile wallet app on social media and jokingly asked the public to give him an “aguinaldo” or Christmas gift. 

Surprised by the amount of money Arshie received, the community pharmacist, who is known for his informative medical-related content, decided to use it to offer free medicines. 

Because of the trust he received from the public, he made an annual report on how he used the donations. 

From January to December 2022, Arshie said he received a total donation of P336,181.76. 

Last February, Arshie said that he used a portion of the donations to distribute health kits that contain medicines for cough, cold, and fever in a village in Marinduque. 

He also bought wheelchairs for those in need and shouldered the dialysis session of a patient. 

Using the donation, Arshie paid for the medicines of their pharmacy’s customers who do not have enough money. 

@arshielifeWork-Tok💊 Babawiin ko na sana eh char!♬ Hyehwadong(or Sangmundong) – Park Boram

On top of the medical assistance, the donation was utilized to buy relief goods for the victims of the typhoon in Marinduque. 

In total, Arshie reported that P173,245.38, or more than 50% of the donations were used to fund these initiatives.

A total of P162,936.38 remains in the fund.  


Several social media users lauded Arshie for his transparency. 

“Now, this what we called transparency Good job, kuya Arshie! God bless your heart po,” an online user wrote

“Transparency at its finest in which the government can’t lmao jk,” a Twitter user said in jest. 

“Kung sana lahat ng nasa Gobyerno ganito ka-transparent ‘di ako lagi magrereklamo sa laki ng tax na binabayaran ko. Goodjob @Arshiethromycin,” an online user wrote

“Using his platform the right way! May God bless u even more in 2023,” a Twitter user said

“It’s giving TOYM (The Outstanding Young Men) awardee… What a use of a platform. Nakakahumble AND proud. Continue your honest work, Sir Arshie!,” a social media user wrote

TikTok Awards Philippines 2022 recently recognized Arshie as one of the recipients of the Popular Creator of the Year Award. 

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