Onion bouquet, souvenirs take spotlight in these Pinoy weddings

January 25, 2023 - 5:51 PM
Left photo shows a bride holding an onion bouquet, while right photo shows a couple giving away onions during their wedding (RR Production/Facebook; Lorellei Monette Savedra/Facebook)

When life gives you onions, make an onion bouquet!

Instead of the usual flower bouquet, a bride from Iloilo used one of the most expensive spices in the Philippines—onions. 

During her wedding on January 21, April Lyka Nobis walked down the aisle carrying three to four kilos of onions for her bridal bouquet.

The bride said she was inspired by the onion bouquet she saw on social media. 

“I accidentally saw a bouquet made of onions with a touch of flowers. I immediately contacted our coordinator who said that we can use the concept for our wedding,” she told a state news media

In a separate interview, the bride said that it is more practical to use onions as a bouquet instead of flowers. 

“I think mas practical to use onions since mahal siya ngayon and after the wedding pwede siya ma-take home ng visitors namin,” April said. 

Compared to the P15,000 initial budget for flowers, April said they managed to save more money by buying a sack of onions which costs P8,000. 

“After the wedding, the onions were given to our godparents and bridesmaid so they have them with them onions for souvenirs. I also gave my bouquet to our relatives for their everyday use,” she added.


Like April, the couple Jayson at Lorellei also considered practicality in choosing what to give to those who attended their wedding on Tuesday, January 24. 

The couple’s wedding coordinator Aldrik Gohel of Moments by Ruffa told Interaksyon that the bride’s family has an onion business in Ilocos Sur. 

The couple gave away 150 kilos of onions during the wedding, Gohel said. 

The wedding coordinator also said the attendees were happy to receive onions as souvenirs given how expensive the spice is.

Based on the latest report by the agriculture department, local red onion ranges from P200 to P350 per kilo in Metro Manila markets. 

The highest recorded price of onions was last December when it soared up to P720 per kilo.

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