‘Konting luxury’: Doris Bigornia’s joke on onion-filled Bistek earns buzz online

January 20, 2023 - 1:04 PM
Doris Bigornia posted this photo of her meal that is plentiful of onions amid the crops' soaring prices in local markets. (Twitter/Doris Bigornia)

Veteran reporter Doris Bigornia‘s post about her meal filled with onions was talked about on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Doris tweeted a photo of a plate of Bistek Tagalog that has plenty of sliced onions.

She joked about the number of onions as a “luxury” in her tweet.

“Kasusweldo lang kaya konting luxury,” Doris tweeted with laughing emojis.

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Doris’ tweet quickly gained traction on the short-message social media platform. So far, it garnered 7,125 likes, 153 quote retweets and 371 retweets.

In the quote retweets and replies, several online users expressed amusement over Doris’ post about onions.

In jest, they also agreed with the Kapamilya’s comment that onion is a luxury these days.

“Millionaires salad haha,” a Twitter user said.

“Ang mahal,” another user tweeted.

“Bistek is a luxury for me,” another Twitter user said.

Many Filipinos are posting jokes about expensive onions as the country faces an onion crisis amid high demand.

Posts about onion packages, onions in money envelopes and onion food rewards have circulated across social media platforms since the holidays.

Some flower shops are also promoting the use of onions for bouquets instead of flowers for their loved ones for the coming Valentine’s Day.

In a previous interview, Customs spokesman Arnold dela Torre Jr. also observed that some Filipinos overseas are bringing home onions to their families and loved ones because they are relatively more affordable abroad.

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Former Vice President Leni Robredo offered a glimpse of such a contrast in prices through her recent Instagram Stories.

Her daughter Tricia shared in their family group chat that onions in Chile only cost P50 per kilo.

Robredo, meanwhile, shared that a market in New York sells yellow onions at only P98.25. The red variety only costs P125.70.

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This national issue also landed a feature story in Time magazine.

In the story, it was emphasized that the worth of onions in local markets is now higher than that of a kilo of meat and the daily minimum wage of Filipino workers.

“That’s about three times as expensive as chicken and 25%-50% more expensive than pork or beef, according to the same market monitoring estimates. The cost of a kilogram of onions is greater than the minimum wage for a day’s work in the Philippines,” the report said.

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