‘Stop sharing unfounded information’: UE asks public after student’s death

January 25, 2023 - 6:02 PM
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Image by Dean Moriarty via Pixabay

Content warning: The story includes mention of taking one’s life.

A private university asked the public to stop sharing unverified information about a student who passed away on its campus.

The University of the East made this request in a statement posted on Facebook.

“We kindly request that the privacy of his family and loved ones be respected at this difficult time, and that no one share any unfounded information about the student and his truly untimely demise,” the university said.

UE reported that this student, still in senior high school at its Caloocan campus, was rushed to the nearby Manila Central University Hospital after he tried to take his own life on the morning of January 23.

Efforts were made to resuscitate him. The student, however, was later confirmed dead.

The UE management in cooperation with the Caloocan police also found the absence of foul play after probing the incident.

The university then expressed its mourning for the loss of life.

“That said, the entire UE community is in mourning in the wake of this tragic loss of a young life, and we enjoin everyone to pray for his eternal repose,” it said.

The private institution said that it will provide support for the student’s family where needed.

It also reminded the UE student body that they can reach out to advisers, mentors and other offices on campus for their concerns and grievances.

Contact details of these offices were also provided in the statement.

“Please always feel free to reach out and chat with someone, verbally and non-verbally, especially in times of difficulty and distress. Thank you and take care,” the university said.

Check on your loved ones

This news reached the online forum r/Philippines.

One Redditor asked the community to check on their loved ones, especially their children.

“It’s so heartbreaking to see such news. Folks, please always check on your loved ones. It’s so hard to identify and spot hints from other people but if there’s anything, being there for them would be a great help,” the Reddit user said.

“To parents, if there’s any, I hope you’re not putting too much pressure on your kids be it mentally or emotionally. You might have no idea what they’re experiencing outside your homes. Always check on them too,” the user added.

Other Facebook users, meanwhile, hoped that UE can also offer help to students who were witnesses and the rest of the senior high department.

“I hope UE provides psychological assessment to students who witnessed the incident and to the classmates of the said SH student,” one user said.

“Sana magkaron ng counseling dun sa part ng mga nakaalam na ka-senior high niya kasi may impact din sa kanila. Ang anak ko nga kinausap ko about dyan. Ka-senior high niya yan sa UE. Na sad din siya. Ako nga din as parent na sad,” another user commented.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact the National Center for Mental Health Crisis Hotline at +63 917 899 8727 and 7989 8727.