‘Who allowed these?’: Videos of students dancing after receiving diplomas resurface

May 29, 2024 - 2:11 PM
TikTok_viral gradiuation
Screengrab from a video posted by Facebook user Niel P. Vallente on May 25, 2024 (NielVallente1997/Facebook)

Videos of senior high students doing poses and other moves during a 2023 graduation ceremony of a school in Davao del Norte drew flak on social media for their “inappropriate” behavior.

Clips of students of Kapalong College of Technology, Inc. doing dance moves and other steps from TikTok after receiving their diplomas have been recirculating online.

Some students were also spotted twerking on the floor.

“They learned more from TikTok!” a social media user said in response to the video.

“Por Dios, por santo! Aren’t graduation rites [supposed to] be solemn? Why were these allowed? Who allowed these? Why? WHY?” another Facebook user commented.

“School [pa ba] ‘to oh dog show?” wrote a different Pinoy.

“Ha?? Ano na nangyari sa henerasyon ngayon? The graduation rites shall be held with solemnity and dignity,” another user commented.

The graduation ceremony took place in 2023, with TikTok user @sofianina1 saying that they were “required” to do such an act before receiving their respective diplomas.

“REQUIRED PO SA’MIN TO DO AN ACT AFTER GIVING THE DIPLOMA. Cool po ‘yung school namin and nakikisabay,” she wrote in the comments on June 9, 2023.

She previously posted a video of them practicing their moves before the actual ceremony.

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Videos taken during the actual ceremony recently resurfaced, drawing flak from some Pinoys who questioned the incident which they said was “inappropriate” on solemn occasions like graduations.

A TikTok user who identifies as a licensed teacher and public educator said that graduation ceremonies are meant to be solemn and respected by those present, including students, teachers, parents, and other guests.

“While we understand that a graduation ceremony is a significant milestone and once in a lifetime event for our students, it is also important to remember that a solemn event or a solemn ceremony requires and demands respect and decorum,” user @shaquinoviva said.

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On May 27, a local radio station reported that the administration of Kapalong College of Technology had issued an apology following the videos’ circulation.

“In an official statement from the school, they expressed deep regret for any distress or harm caused to those who watched the video of the ceremony. They acknowledged that it has become a hot topic online,” station 93.9 IFM News Davao reported, as translated to English.

“Therefore, they apologized to everyone who was offended by the event, emphasizing that it was not their intention to upset the public,” the report said.

“The school mentioned that they have already taken appropriate actions to address the matter and ensure that such issues do not happen again in the future,” it added.