‘Meaning of content’: Michael V posts reminder to fellow content creators

May 2, 2023 - 5:50 PM
Composite photo of Michael V's post about the importance of content and a solo picture of him (michaelbitoy/Instagram)

Michael V, a veteran comedian and also a vlogger, took to Instagram to remind his fellow content creators about the importance of the “content” they put out online.

“The first thing any ‘content creator’ should understand is the meaning of the word: ‘content’,” Michael V said on Instagram on April 29.

He also placed stone emojis, a boxing glove and other emojis in the caption.

While he did not mention any names on his Instagram post, some Filipinos online perceived that he was throwing shade at the people behind the Tukomi YouTube channel.

The Tukomi channel is mainly being run by Mark Lester San Rafael, Mark Hiroshi San Rafael and Eleaza Fuentes.

They are facing alarm and scandal charges after an off-duty cop caught them carrying out a kidnapping stunt on a crowded street in Las Piñas City.

The complainant is a veteran police investigator named Staff Sergeant Ronnie Conmingo of the Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (IMEG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

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Other Filipinos, meanwhile, perceived that the comedian was talking about some vloggers who are allegedly promoting or endorsing gambling through paid advertisements on their videos.

“Yes! Yung nag-kidnap prank ba ito o yung mga sugal ang pinopromote? Downside ng freedom sa [social media] space,” an Instagram user commented.

“Yung iba kasi pera pera na lang talaga. Me maicontent lang kahit walang sense, kahit hindi na maganda influence sa ibang tao basta kumita lang,” another Instagram user said. 

This post was also discussed on the subreddit forum r/Philippines.

Bitoy taking shade at “trashy” influencers/vloggers
by u/visualmagnitude in Philippines

Some Redditors expressed dismay over the content produced these days. They said that bad behavior still sells.

“Bad behavior sells. Bad behavior is incentivized esp. by Meta. Para lang mapag-usapan, ‘di bale nang ikaw magmukhang masama, trashy, as long as nacoconvert mo sa pera,” a Redditor said.

“Legit. Companies who [own] Facebook, TikTok and YouTube wouldn’t care and will still allow some users to upload because it makes them money,” another Filipino on Reddit said.

“Agree. Bad or good content, sells on the internet,” a Redditor pointed out.

When he is not acting on television, Michael V uploads videos about tech reviews and exclusive interviews with Hollywood celebrities.

He currently has over 722,000 followers on Instagram. His YouTube channel, meanwhile, has 1.34 million subscribers.