‘What an honor’: Zack Tabudlo gushes over Enhypen member’s cover of his song

July 29, 2023 - 10:44 AM
Composite photo of Filipino artist Zack Tabudlo and Lee Heeseung of Enhypen (zacktabudlo, ENHYPEN_members/Twitter)

A Filipino artist was over the moon after a Korean artist performed a cover of his song.

Lee Heeseung from the Korean group Enhypen uploaded a video where he serenaded their fans, collectively called Engenes, with Zack Tabudlo‘s “Give Me Your Forever.”

The video was uploaded on the group’s official TikTok account and their official social media accounts on Thursday, July 27.

“Surprise present for Engene!” he said in the post with a gift emoji.

The TikTok video has since garnered 5.4 million views on the video-sharing service so far.

Zack saw this cover on the same day and was thrilled about it.

He expressed his sentiments on Twitter.

“Bro…. freakin heeseung from @ENHYPEN_members covered ‘Give me your forever.’ Holyyy molyyy!” Zack tweeted with heart and crying emojis.

Zack also reminisced about the time Jungkook of the Korean group BTS covered this song last May.

He said it “was an honor” for his song to be featured by two popular Korean singers.

“First Jungkook, now Heeseung what is life even,” he said.

“What an honor,” he added.

Zack’s tweet garnered 34,000 likes, 10,200 retweets and 1,610 quotes so far.

Filipino Engenes and his fans joined him in excitement.

Some of them also shared that they listened to Zack’s music after Heeseung covered “Give Me Your Forever.”

“Your song is really sweet. I listened to your full song after Heeseung’s cover! Enjoyed your singing, music, and beautiful lyrics. Thank you!”  a fan on Twitter said.

“I seriously didn’t even know it was a Filo song! I just jammed to it. Today I got to know. So happy for all Filo Engenes and him. His music is so good!” another fan tweeted.

The song that caught the attention of Jungkook and Heeseung is part of Zack’s full-length debut album “Episode.” It was released on all streaming platforms in October 2021.

Zack’s “Binibini” won the prestigious “Song of the Year” Award at the 35th Awit Awards. This single is also part of his debut album.