‘Damage is done’: Karen Bordador speaks up about criticisms vs fan meet hosting gig

August 17, 2023 - 3:44 PM
Composite photo of host Karen Bordador and a photo of Seo In Guk and Kristel Fulgar (karen_bordador, KristelFulgar/Instagram, Facebook)

“So easy to point fingers but naturally no accountability taken.”

Events host Karen Bordador expressed this on the X app following the criticisms she received for hosting K-drama star Seo In Guk’s fan meeting in Manila.

It was held at the New Front Theater in Quezon City on Saturday, August 12.

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Karen accompanied Seo In Guk on stage and kept the crowd entertained throughout the program.

Amid the event’s success, she received some scathing comments and accusations on social media.

The negative reactions stemmed from her replacing vlogger Kristel Fulgar who was initially tapped for the hosting gig.

Some of Kristel’s fans seemed to have expressed disapproval of her replacement.

Karen later defended herself against the backlash she got from the incident.

On the X app, the content creator said that she did not deserve the “mean and baseless” remarks thrown at her.

“After receiving mean and baseless, IRRATIONAL hate I didn’t deserve…now what? So easy to point fingers but naturally no accountability is taken,” Karen said.

“Damage is done! Karma comes in many forms. Hope you learned something. God bless!” she added.

Her post has since garnered 111 reposts, 73 quotes, and 1,789 likes so far.

The fan meeting, meanwhile, was reportedly the longest in the Philippines so far.

Seo interacted with his fans, collectively called Heartriders, at the New Front Theater for more than three hours.

The hosting issue

Kristel’s fans, who have also attended the fan meeting, were previously anticipating the vlogger to be the event’s host with Seo.

On the day of the show, however, Kristel announced that her role got canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

She posted a statement minutes before the program started.

“While I am saddened by this turn of events, I understand that decisions are made beyond our control. I want to assure you all that my support for Seo In Guk remains steadfast,” Kristel said.

“He is an amazing artist, and I will continue to cheer him on in his endeavors,” she added.

On August 15, Kristel uploaded the video where she gave details about the cancelation of her role.

In the video, she noted that the director only informed her about the decision in the last minute.

“Since rehearsal yun, hindi ako sanay na ibigay yung 100% energy ko. So kung nakulangan sila ng energy dun sa rehearsal, sabi ko po I will do my best. Nag-eexpect ako na ipapaakyat ulit ako sa stage para mapakita ko yung 100% na sinasabi ko,” Kristel said.

“Pero hindi daw,” she added.

Kristel also expressed that she has been a fan of the actor for 11 years. Because of this, she hoped to be a “representative” of his fandom.

She apologized to the people who were hoping to see her host onstage with Seo.

Kristel’s dream to personally meet her favorite actor was still fulfilled.

In the video, it was shown that Kristel was granted a one-on-one exclusive interaction with the South Korean superstar backstage. She also uploaded pictures of these moments on her social media accounts.


Kristel’s video garnered 2.5 million views on Facebook so far.

“What happened at the Seo In Guk Fan Meeting in Manila,” the caption reads.

Organizer’s response

Epic Events, the organizer of the fan meeting, issued a clarification about the buzz on Kristel’s canceled hosting activity.

“We exhausted all efforts to have her part of the program; even to just have one song number/duet with seo in guk for the fans but as mentioned in the vlog, the decision to have her no longer host was not from our end,” the organizer said.

Epic Events thanked Kristel and her family for their love, respect and professionalism throughout the affair.

“We again would like to thank Kristel and her family for being the nicest people and showing nothing but love and respect even on what transpired,” it said.