Comparing yourself to others will make you unhappy, says bishop

September 28, 2023 - 10:13 AM
Bishop Raul Dael of Tandag. (Screenshot from Tandag Diocese video via CBCP News)

A Catholic bishop has reminded the faithful not to compare themselves to others, as it will only steal their joy.

Bishop Raul Dael of Tandag stated that a person can lose their way when they start unnecessary competition with others.

“When we start comparing ourselves with others we will never be happy, we will never be happy,” Dael said in his homily during last Sunday’s Mass at the Tandag Cathedral.

The bishop urged his flock to instead look at how God has uniquely blessed them, and they will experience the joy of life.

“If we look into ourselves and see how God has blessed us personally and uniquely, we will experience real joy and happiness,” the bishop said.

Dael also encouraged the faithful to continue serving the church and the community without seeking acknowledgement or recognition.

“We work without comparing ourselves with others. We work for love, not for a pay, but for love,” he said.