GCash working to fix issues amid reports of intermittent access

October 9, 2023 - 4:37 PM
People using smartphones
Image by Dean Moriarty via Pixabay

Popular e-wallet GCash appealed to users to bear with the financial app following reports of intermittent access to some of its services.

The mobile wallet on Monday acknowledged users who said they have been experiencing issues with the app.

Gcash said it is “working” on getting its services “back up as quickly as possible. ”

“We will post another update for you soon. Meanwhile, rest assured that your funds are safe. Thank you,” GCash said on an advisory on October 9.

In the comments section, a user told them to “fix” the issues as soon as possible.

“Our tech team is working double time to restore these as soon as possible,” GCash responded in the comments.

“We encourage you to never share your MPIN and OTP with anyone. GCash will also never send emails or messages with links nor reach out to customers via calls and other messaging platforms. Thank you for your patience,” it added.

Users, as early as this morning, reported having issues with using the app for their financial transactions.

Some were also unable to access some of its services.

This caused a number of users to air their complaints on social media, prompting GCash to land in Twitter Philippines’ trending list.