‘Friendly, happy, fluffy’: Animal shelter seeks new owner for recovered dog Macoy

December 1, 2023 - 9:55 AM
Poster of a stray dog's adoption poster from the Strays Worth Saving (SWS) (straysworthsaving/Facebook)

An animal shelter took to Facebook to search for a rescue dog’s new home.

The Strays Worth Saving (SWS) on November 29 uploaded pictures that showed a dog named Macoy. A photo from the post features Macoy when he was rescued, while another shows his current healthy state.

In the post, the SWS recalled that when Macoy was found, he was suffering from a nasty skin disease.

He now “has fur” and “is happy,” thus ready to be adopted.

“One of them is Macoy, a stray with a bad case of skin problem when rescued. Now, he has fur, is happy, and can be adopted. Please, this dog only knew life’s difficulties. It is high time he experiences how it is to be truly loved,” the organization said.

“Those interested in adopting Macoy can PM us! Lord, please give this dog a perfect family!” it added.

The SWS also appealed for more animal adopters, citing many of their rescue animals are ready for their new homes.

“SWS needs adopters! We may need to slow down or stop rescuing unless many of the shelter rescues are adopted. Many of them are now ready to find their new family,” it said.

This appeal was later picked up by ABS-CBN News, which report caught the attention of more concerned dog lovers.

In the comments, some Filipinos expressed hope that Macoy would soon find his new forever family.

“I pray that this furbaby finds his furever home,” a Facebook user said.

“Hope he can find a loving and caring new owner,” another Facebook user reacted.

The SWS is an animal rescue organization that drew in celebrities as donors and adopters. It also updates its followers on the recovery journeys of some of its rescued dogs and cats.

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In a separate post, it called for donations of food to feed 320 dogs under its care.

“Please be the reason no dogs get hungry. A small donation from you will make a whole world of difference to these strays while waiting for their forever homes,” it said.