‘Humble thanks’: Heart reacts for John Lloyd, Isabel after animal shelter visit

March 10, 2023 - 5:45 PM
Composite photo of John Lloyd Cruz and Isabel Santos during their visit at the Strays Worth Saving, an animal shelter in Batangas (straysworthsaving/Facebook)

“Hats off to these celebrities, John and Isabel!”

Animal lovers expressed this to John Lloyd Cruz and his rumored girlfriend Isabel Santos after they spent time with stray dogs and cats in an animal shelter in Batangas.

Isabel is the granddaughter of reputable cartoonist Malang Santos. She has artworks exhibited in the Philippines and overseas.

Strays Worth Saving (SWS), an animal shelter organization, posted about the visit of John Lloyd and Isabel on Thursday, March 9 because they were looking for a rescue to adopt.

“SWS is blessed to have [the] beautiful couple John Lloyd Cruz and Isabel visit the SWS shelter today!!! They are looking to adopt one of our rescues and there is no better way to do it than meet the candidates themselves,” the organization said.

“There is no denying not only the dogs but also the caretakers were so excited to meet our celebrity visitors!” it added.

SWS also accompanied its post with adorable photos of John Lloyd and Isabel playing with the rescued dogs.

In the post, the social media handler of the SWS Facebook page further expressed admiration for both personalities.

“I cannot contain my admiration as these two have no qualms at all carrying and playing with the rescues. One of our rescues, Rain, peed on John Lloyd’s clothes and he had no complaint at all! They gamely posed with the dogs as they also want them to be adopted!” the post reads.

SWS later expressed heartfelt gratitude to them for what they did for the furbabies.

“Please accept our sincerest and humble thanks! May God bless you always!” it said.

The post has since garnered 15,000 reactions, 324 comments and 1,100 shares on the platform. 11,000 of which are heart reacts.

Their fans and other animal lovers also thanked John Lloyd and Isabel for choosing to adopt and volunteering their time for the rescues.

“Hats off to these celebrities, John and Isabel. Thank you very much for visiting SWS and the dogs. Your visit will attract more celebrities to the SWS dog shelter and hopefully will boost help and support to SWS mission,” one Facebook user said.

“God bless you both for having a good heart for the strays,” a Pinoy commented on Facebook.

“Wow, thank you for adopting!” another Facebook user said.

John Lloyd and Isabel also became models to promote some of the rescues for adoption via the organization’s Facebook page.

Based on the Facebook posts, the dogs who were lucky to have these celebrity models are Jane, Matty and Lechon.

SWS did not provide an update on which stray John Lloyd and Isabel have chosen to adopt.

Isabel also posted about their experience at SWS’s shelter on Instagram.

In her caption, Isabel also did not name the lucky rescue dog. Rather, the talented artist thanked SWS for the opportunity.

“Thanks to the hardworking and loving people in SWS for letting us visit,” Isabel said.

While there are no confirmations about their relationship yet, John Lloyd and Isabel were spotted in public events together several times last year.