‘It’s the farthest’: Tonet Jadaone heartbroken over ‘The Missing’ Oscars snub

December 22, 2023 - 5:56 PM
Poster of "The Missing" for its 2024 Oscar consideration (project8proj/Facebook)

Antoinette Jadaone expressed sadness after learning that the local independent film “The Missing” failed to make it to the Oscars 2024 shortlist.

Carl Joseph Papa’s “Iti Mapukpukaw (The Missing)” is the first full-length animated film to win the “Best Film” award at the Cinemalaya Philippines Independent Film Festival 2023.

Last September, it was chosen as the Philippines’ contender for the Oscars’ “Best International Feature Film” category, hence marking the start of its campaign journey to earn the coveted gold trophy.

The coming-of-age drama also received glowing reviews from local and international movie critics.

Despite these efforts for exposure, “The Missing” was missed by the Academy.

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Jadaone, one of the movie’s producers, reacted to this news with heartbreak emojis.

She also said that she was grateful for the journey, saying it was the “farthest” journey a local film has reached so far.

“BUT!!! It’s the farthest a PH film has reached in predictions, so taas-noo pa rin! Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tumulong,” the multi-awarded director said with the Philippine flag emojis.

‘End of Oscar journey’

Denny Buckly, a film critic and also one of the people who led the Oscar campaign for “The Missing,” also expressed disappointment over the outcome of the campaign.

On his X account, Buckly also expressed gratitude to those who supported the movie and the production team.

“Today marks the end of #TheMissing’s Oscar journey. We’re disappointed as this was not the outcome we had hoped for,” he said.

“But we’ve said it from the get-go, ‘this movie deserves to be seen’ — and you made that happen. We felt seen. Maybe not by the Academy, but by YOU. So thank you,” he added with a heart emoji.

Buckly also likened the promotion of a non-English movie overseas without an international premiere and a distributor from the United States to “pushing a boulder up a mountain.”

“Campaigning a non-English indie w/out an int’l festival premiere, a US release, or a US distributor all in less than 2 months is like pushing a boulder up a mountain. We may not have reached the top, but meeting people along the way who helped us champion this film was our win,” he said.

Buckly then expressed optimism. He invited viewers to continue supporting the movie for its international premiere dates.

“The life of #TheMissing is just getting started, and we’re very excited to continue sharing this important story as we push through our international premiere at Palm Springs, and European premiere at Rotterdam. We’ll see you there!” he said.

The animated drama revolves around the life of a mouthless man named Eric after an “alien” comes back to him to take him.

It stars Carlo Aquino, Gio Gahol and Dolly de Leon.

Last October, it entered the radar of Variety, a long-running lifestyle publication in the United States. “The Missing” debuted in Variety’s annual top contenders for the Academy nominations.

Moreover, it also received a stellar 100% score from Rotten Tomatoes, a known aggregator of film and series reviews.