Animal shelter calls for donation after power cut ‘without a warning’

February 1, 2024 - 12:58 PM
MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary
Animals in MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary in this photo posted on its Facebook on Nov. 30, 2015 (mbypras/Facebook)

An animal shelter in Teresa, Rizal is seeking help after its electricity was cut off without an alleged disconnection notice, leaving its pets suffering the consequences of power outage.

MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary on Wednesday lamented having its power supply cut off “without a warning” when its staff was tending to animals.

It said that it had an unsettled electricity bill for two months but claimed that it did not receive any disconnection notice from the provider.

“Kung may disconneciton notie man lang po sana, may time pang paipa-pangutang para makabayad, gaya nung nakaraan. Pero this time, wala po kaming natatanggap na notice,” the animal shelter said on Facebook on Wednesday.

“Hindi pa nangangalahati ang paghuhugas ng mga food bowls na pinagkainan ng mga babies kagabi. Halos wala pang nalilinisang area, kaya lalong hindi po makakalinis at stop din po ang motor pump ng water source kung walang kuryente po…” it added.

“And, most of all… walang tubig na mailalagay o maipapalit sa mga inuman po ng mga babies, po. Hindi rin makapaglalaba ng mga pansapin at kumot ng mga babies at ang lamig-lamig pa ngayon tuwing gabi!!!” the pet sanctuary continued.

In another post, the animal shelter lamented that its staff was cooking rice for the animals under their care when the electricity got cut off.

“Sad to say, no warning… power disconnected na naman,” it said in a different post.

The pet sanctuary posted its details to those who are interested to donate cash to help them settle the electricity bill.

Last year, the facility also lamented its high electricity bill and informed the public about receiving a disconnection notice from its provider.

The post opened talks about the costly nature of running a facility for animals, especially those who are strays or unowned.

Most organizations that are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of stray cats and dogs rely on donations and relief goods to run their facilities due to being non-profit in nature.

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MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary describes itself as a “home for stray dogs and cats.” It said it is “working to prevent abuse or cruelty on animals.”