‘Dancing cha-cha against Cha-cha’: Filipinos get creative in saying no to charter change

February 29, 2024 - 4:00 PM
Screenshot from the Philippine Collegian

While some wrote placards in protests, others danced to express their opposition against Cha-cha or charter change.

Philippine lawmakers’ push to reform the 1987 Constitution made headlines earlier this year. However, it garnered criticisms from citizens who have raised concerns over potential power abuse.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in December last year ordered a study to find out whether the Constitution needs amendment to attract more foreign investors.

House Speaker Martin Romualdez, on the other hand, said that the House of Representatives would look to change its economic revisions.

Critics do not groove to the tune of this Cha-cha at all, stating lawmakers could amend other parts of the law to stay in power.

At the University of the Philippines Diliman, students danced as part of protest.

One X (formerly Twitter) user jokingly referenced Ryzza Mae Dizon and her “Cha-cha Dabarkads” dance craze. 

Social media personality Kween Yasmin also joined the cause, but this one is not a parody.

In one post, she was photographed holding a placard saying “NO TO 100% FOREIGN OWNERSHIP” together with Rep. Raoul Manuel (Kabataan Party-list).

This was in response to aimed economic reform which includes scrapping restrictions to foreign investors in public utilities, education, and advertising.

Manuel explained that the quality of education and public utilities should not be in the hands of foreigners, adding that this could consequently threaten Philippine sovereignty.

Others got artistic with their protest too.

Artist Tarantadong Kalbo created a customizable template where one can draw themselves dancing cha-cha with his avatar.

Filipinos got a kick out of this, commenting on the post their own version of the artwork.

Meanwhile, one progressive group made “bibe” placards, riding the duck hair clip trend.

“Maki-QUACK QUACK, ‘wag matakot!” the post read.

This one TikToker who famously twirls on a pole made an explainer on the matter, expounding on its process as well as its downsides.

It got over 130,000 likes and 873,000 views on TikTok.

The House of Representatives has started deliberating the proposed charter change on Monday.

Three hearings will be expected weekly until they vote on the proposals on March 22.