AP Bren picks Brody for M5 skin, FlapTzy to get first-ever Final MVP skin

March 22, 2024 - 3:19 PM
This composite photo shows Brody as M5 Champion Skin and Paquito as Final MVP skin. (Moonton / Released)

Filipino team AP Bren, the reigning M5 World Champions, has recently announced Brody as their chosen hero skin to co-design with international gaming developer and publisher, MOONTON Games.

To celebrate the team’s success in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) arena, AP Bren was given a chance to create unique hero skins.

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The team said that they chose Brody as he has been a big part of their team’s success in the M5 series.

“This hero has helped our team consistently and ultimately helped retain the PH era of MLBB. We want this hero to represent our team’s success inside the game and for our fans to be part of that success by owning the skin and enjoying it,” Jab Escutin, AP Bren director said.

In addition to their perks, MOONTON Games has also granted David “FlapTzy” Canon, the M5 World Championship’s Finals MVP, the opportunity to co-design Paquito’s M5 Finals MVP Skin #M5FMVPSkin.

Paquito, inspired by legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, embodies both aggression and focus—a fitting representation of FlapTzy’s playstyle.

This marks the first-ever FMVP skin in MLBB’s history.

FlapTzy said he is honored to receive this distinction. He also said Paquito resonates with him and his team.

“Paquito resonates with me as a player. He fights fiercely to protect his teammates while maintaining an unwavering focus on victory,” FlapTzy said.

The said Brody and Paquito hero skins will be released in September this year.