The story behind viral pic of Diwata holding a box of cake vertically

April 22, 2024 - 6:47 PM
Diwata and Gem Castillo
Gem Castillo and Diwata in this photo posted by vlogger Kuya Bunjeng on his Facebook page on April 13, 2024 (kuyabonjeng/Facebook)

Former actress and San Pablo, Laguna First Lady Gem Castillo revealed the story behind the viral picture of her and gay street food sensation Diwata where he was freely holding a box of cake.

Gem said she was a guest speaker at an event where she arrived earlier than expected.

“Sabi ko, ‘Sige na nga, tutal malapit doon sa lugar ni Diwata.’ Umikot ako. So I just want to give (a) token. Gusto ko siyang bigyan ng something,” she said to Daily Tribune on April 17.

“Tapos noong nakita niya ako, tumakbo na siya. So, siguro na-overwhelm. Nalimutan niya na may cake siyang bitbit. So kinilik niya lang basta ‘yung cake. It so happened nag-trending,” Gem added.

The former “That’s Entertainment” star said that she watches Diwata’s videos.

An X (formerly Twitter) user previously shared a picture of the street food sensation holding a box of cake vertically beside Gem.

“Lakas talaga ni Diwata, ginawang brown envelope ‘yung cake! bwhwhhwhw,” the account wrote on April 13.

The cake was gifted to Diwata by YouTube food vlogger “Kuya Bunjeng” on April 13 as a “peace offering.”

The vlogger previously uploaded a review of Diwata’s food stall business, where he commented that the dishes offered did not really taste delicious for him.

“Ok na kami ni DIWATA, buti tinanggap ni Diwata [‘yung] cake, thank you po,” Kuya Bunjeng said in a Facebook video.

A video of Diwata vertically holding the cake and seeing Gem was also uploaded by a Facebook user.

Kuya Bunjeng also acknowledged the incident and commented that Diwata might have forgotten he was holding a cake at that time.

“Basta ok na kami ni Diwata!! Nakalimutan lang siguro ni Diwata na may hawak [siyang] cake. Kala [niya] siguro envelope,” he wrote.

Diwata is the personality who initially trended in 2016 for strutting in a precinct after being hurt by his friends.

He now has a 24-hour pares business in Pasay called Diwata Pares Overload Unli Rice.

“Pares” is made with tough cuts of beef that are stewed for hours in a sauce made fragrant by exotic herbs and spices. It is often served with a side of steaming hot soup and rice.

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