‘Pwede po mag-apply?’: Here’s why some Pinoys got inspired to apply as Vicki Belo’s assistant

January 17, 2024 - 4:06 PM

“Sana all” and “how to apply” were among the top comments of Filipinos after learning that some staff of dermatologist Vicki Belo are tasked to fly overseas for quick errands.

The beauty authority last Thursday uploaded a content for her vlog which featured her treating her longtime makeup artist  (MUA) and personal assistant to a shopping spree in Milan, Italy.

Marife is Vicki’s MUA of 27 years, while Millet is her personal assistant (P.A.) of 15 years.

In the vlog, Hayden Kho, Vicki’s husband, asked Millet to share her “shortest trip abroad” with the viewers.

The personal assistant responded that she went to Los Angeles in the United States for one day.

Millet added that the trip was supposed to last for two days, but it got cut short after the Philippine government announced closing its borders due to the outbreak of the virus causing COVID-19.

Hayden said that she had just landed in LA when they found out that the Philippines was about to close its borders.

“Binili niya lang ang kailangan niyang bilhin, ta’s bumalik na siya,” he said.

Millet confirmed that she returned to the Philippines the next day.

The P.A. also talked about her two-day trip to Paris, France, when she was asked by Vicki to buy a certain cake the latter was craving.

The dermatologist said that Millet’s ticket for the trip was free, adding it came from her and Hayden’s airline miles.

“Tapos ‘pag naglilihi na ako, na hindi naman buntis, ng Jean-Paul Hévin cake na napaka-favorite ko, sasabihin ko, ‘Millet, pumunta ka naman ng Paris, bumili ka ng cake, o,'” Vicki shared.

Hayden also said that he asks his wife’s P.A. to go to the European country for the particular sweet treat.

“Kung may kasalanan ako kay Vicks, cake ‘yan. So, ‘Millet, punta ka munang Paris,'” he shared with a laugh.

Their exchange about errands was featured by a tabloid newspaper on its Facebook page, where it has earned viral status by reaching 65,000 likes and reactions, 2,300 comments and 5,900 shares so far.

Most of the comments read:

“Grabe, ang sarap [naman] mautusan pa Paris [para] bumili [lang] ng cake,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Sana all [na lang] nakakaalis ng bansa [para na lang] sa cravings ng [amo], huwowww,” another Pinoy commented.

“Pwede [din] po ako utusan bumili ng cake,” wrote a different user.

“Pwede po ba mag-apply ng taga-linis ng sapatos [niyo]. Sana all,” another Filipino commented.

“OMYGOSH. Sana ako na [lang] ang naging PA [niyo] po, hahaha,” wrote a different Pinoy.

Meanwhile, the cake that Vicki was referring to in her vlog was a cake associated with French chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin, who produces high-end chocolate.

Cakes under his name come in three lines such as the “Rive droite” collection, the revisited classics, the “Rive gauche” collection, the original creations and the collection of the “traveler’s cakes.”

Jean-Paul’s creations are said to “epitomize French luxury and ‘art de vivre'” or the “art of living.”