Swedish choir’s award-winning rendition of ‘Leron Leron Sinta’ moves Pinoys

January 17, 2024 - 6:34 PM

Filipinos cheered a Swedish choir who won the grand prize at the 2022 International Baltic Sea Choir Competition (IBSCC) for their rendition of the Philippine folk song “Leron Leron Sinta.”

Despite taking place two years ago, clips and videos of Hägersten A Cappella performing the popular folk song from the Tagalog region have been recirculating online.

Among those who recently shared the performance were Baguio City Councilor Mylen Yaranon and YouTube user Larry Lusanta.

The almost four-minute rendition was arranged by Los Angeles-based Filipino composer Saunder Choi, whose works have been performed by various groups like Conspirare, the Philippine Madrigal Singers, Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Los Angeles Master Chorale and World Youth Choir, among others.

Choi has also written for people and entities like Tony-Award winner Lea Salonga, Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra as an arranger and orchestrator.

Meanwhile, the Swedish choir in the performance was conducted by Kerstin Börjeson.

The choir is a 40-member ensemble whose repertoire is varied, with an emphasis on classical music and a penchant for music written by Swedish composers.

It has won several awards since 2012, with the latest one in the 2022 IBSCC held in Latvia.

IBSCC is intended for high-level amateur choirs that compete for the Grand Prix prize.

The Hägersten A Cappella in the 2022 IBSCC won as the Grand Prix winner, Best Conductor and Best Compulsory Piece.

It was also the winner of the Grand Prix at the 2018 Venezia in Musica International Choral Competition and in the 2016 International Choral Competition.

‘Proud to be Pinoy’ 

The choir’s rendition of the Filipino folk song recently went viral after catching the attention of Pinoys, with some admitting it made them “teary-eyed.”

“Not only goosebumps, but I’m teary eyed… so amazing that other nations love our native songs!! So proud to be a Filipino!!” a Pinoy wrote on YouTube.

“OMG! They got 3 [three] awards and that includes the Grand prize, I was [teary-eyed] watching this, such excellent rendition of a Filipino folklore song. They are perfect, even with the pronunciation of lyrics. Thank you, Sweden!” another Pinoy commented.

“Congratulations, guys! Very nice rendition of our Filipino folk song… I’m very proud to be Pinoy… parang kami na rin ang nanalo ng awards…” wrote a different Filipino.

“My childhood flashes before my eyes with this wonderful rendition of Leron Leron Sinta… I never knew this childhood song will be this moving… Bravo!!!” exclaimed another YouTuber.

“Leron Leron Sinta” is a popular Tagalog folk song said to be composed by Alberto Florentino.

It reportedly originated during the papaya harvest season and was used as a work song.

Some sources said that it is a courtship song since its full lyrics detail love in the context of rural Philippines.