WATCH | Shots fired at MPD as man tries to run down cops, media after witness in hazing death surfaces

September 20, 2017 - 10:02 AM

MANILA, Philippines — Tension gripped the Manila Police District early Wednesday as shots were fired when a man tried to run down policemen and journalists with his car after he was caught taking video as media interviewed a potential witness in the death of law school freshman Horacio Castillo III.

The witness, an Uber driver who delivered Castillo’s belongings to his home the night of September 16, when he presumably underwent the fraternity hazing he would die of, said the student of the University of Sto. Tomas had booked him from Dapitan in Sampaloc, Manila.

He described Castillo as “balisa” (uneasy).

The driver said he decided to present himself to authorities, on the advice of Uber, after learning of Castillo’s death.

Castillo was reportedly found dumped in a street in Tondo early the next day and was declared dead at the Chinese General Hospital where he was taken. However, police said they would file perjury charges against the man who claimed to have found Castillo after officials of Barangay 133 in Balut, Tondo said closed circuit television footage showed no body at the time John Paul Sarte Solano claimed to have found the hazing victim.

Even while the Uber driver was being interviewed at the MPD Homicide Division, police personnel and journalists noticed a man with taking video of them who introduced himself as Arvin Tan.

Tan became aggressive and challenged the journalists to show their identifications when he was asked why he was taking video.

When police warned him against harassing the journalists, Tan left hurriedly, tailed by police and journalists whose suspicions had been roused by his actions.

Even as policemen continued to question him and his motives, Tan got into his car, a black sedan with the license plates ACA 3829 and suddenly backed up and roared off, sending police personnel and journalists scampering for safety.

Policemen fired at the vehicle as it drove through the MPD gates.

It was later learned that Tan had earlier figured in a similar commotion at the police station in Sta. Mesa.

The MPD mounted a search for Tan, who might be charged for unjust vexation, malicious mischief, damage to property and resisting arrest.