Duterte can count on SC to prop up ‘fascist dictatorship’ – Joma

February 7, 2018 - 10:36 AM

MANILA, Philippines — The founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines blasted the Supreme Court, which upheld the extension of martial law in Mindanao for the whole this year, saying President Rodrigo Duterte could count on it “to support his scheme of fascist dictatorship and pseudo-federalism.”

“The Supreme Court is dominated by appointees of Duterte and (former President) Gloria M. Arroyo,” Sison said.

“It cannot be relied upon to protect the national and democratic rights of the Filipino people,” he added, noting that “it has absolved Arroyo, Estrada and other corrupt officials from the crime of plunder in exchange for their support to Duterte in the 2016 elections.”

“… certainly Duterte can use this kind of court to perpetuate martial law not only in Mindanao but nationwide and to support his scheme of fascist dictatorship and pseudo-federalism through the Con-Ass (constituent assembly) and Cha-Cha (Charter change) under the pretext of shifting from a unitary to a federal form of government,” Sison said.

The high court voted 10-5 to uphold the yearlong extension of the martial law first declared for 60 days last May 23, when fighting broke out between government forces and extremist gunmen in Marawi City, and which Congress extended to the end of 2017 when the initial period lapsed.

But even after declaring Marawi liberated in October, Duterte, on the recommendation of the military and police, sought and got Congress to extend martial law another year, ostensibly to address other threats, including the communist insurgency.

“The Filipino people must unite to fight the Duterte reign of terror and greed and defend through their own mass struggle their basic democratic rights and freedoms,” he said.