Macmac Cardona joins list of celebs in violence, abuse scandals

May 7, 2018 - 12:27 PM
Cardona during an interview in 2017. Rey Joble, InterAksyon

Hoops fans are still in disbelief following the arrest of former Philippine Basketball Association star Mark “Macmac” Cardona after allegedly stabbing his former partner.

Those who witnessed his storied collegiate stint with De La Salle University and his transition into a PBA mainstay can only what could have driven the man once known as “Captain Hook” to commit the crime he imputed on him.

Fueling his fans’ collective shock is the allegation from the complainant, his former domestic partner Bianca Jackes that Cardona was supposedly high on drugs when the alleged crime was committed.

Jackes refuted earlier accounts claiming that the stabbing took place following a heated argument between the two. She said Cardona went to their condominium unit to try to rekindle their relationship, which ended two years ago.

She alleged that her previous relationship with Cardona was characterized by physical abuse and domestic violence.

As word of Jackes’ allegations spread, there are those who call for the hammer of justice to fall on Cardona, as well as those who seek for care and understanding on embattled cager’s behalf.

Cardona is currently facing charges for physical injuries following the alleged stabbing. He was also charged withe estafa and a violation of P.D 1612 or the Anti-fencing Law February this year for allegedly pawning a stolen vehicle.

The fall of ‘Captain Hook’

Just two years ago, Cardona was again under public scrutiny after he was hospitalized following a failed drug-induced suicide attempt.

Last year, his basketball career was given a lease on life when he was signed by the GlobalPort Batang Pier.

Prior to the 2016 incident was a storied career that saw a Best Player of the Conference trophy in 2007 and a Finals Most Valuable Player trophy in 2009.

Feared for his unstoppable hook shot and frustratingly effective floaters, he was nicknamed “Captain Hook” by fans and the press. Fan compilations documenting his deft offensive maneuvering can be found around the internet.

Controversy hounded Cardona throughout much of his career, even when he was still a collegiate player for the DLSU Green Archers. Already 23 around the time he started his career with La Salle, his academic eligibility was widely questioned.

Cardona faced poverty in his youth but got his break when his mother brought him to the United States, where La Salle would eventually discover his abilities.

Celebrities and abuse in the headlines

News of Cardona’s arrest came out the same week western media was rocked by news of celebrities embroiled in sexual misconduct controversies.

Renowned comedian Bill Cosby was recently declared guilty for drugging and molesting a woman in 2004. Cosby had been the subject of a slew of harassment allegations in the past few years.

He and director Roman Polanski, also the subject of numerous sexual assault allegations, were later expelled form the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

A few days later, Pulitzer-winning fictionist Junot Díaz was accused of sexual misconduct and verbal abuse by a number of female authors he had previously worked with.

Just last month, Díaz was lauded for an essay on The New Yorker where he admitted to having been raped as a child and discussed the damage the incident caused, such as his unfaithfulness and struggle with monogamy.