Calls to report Pinoy YouTube user for alleged child grooming mount online

July 13, 2022 - 5:53 PM
Gender violence
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Calls to report a YouTube user were made online for his videos perceived to suggest ways on how to groom a minor.

A Twitter user on Wednesday shared screenshots of some videos of YouTuber “Usapang Diskarte” which had titles like “Paano maka-i*** ang bata” and “Paano Mapapayag Ang Batang Babae Na May Gawin Kayo.”

“Need you all to go to this channel on YouTube and report it. Disgusting PDF File content and PDF File followers,” the user said on the microblogging platform.

“PDF file” is another way of saying pedophile, a term for a perversion in which children or minors are the preferred sexual object.

The calls were also mounted on r/Philippines, a subreddit in the discussion website for Filipinos and all things about the country.

“Pa-report sa NBI (National Bureau of Investigation). Pinoy Youtuber na nagtuturo paano mang-groom,” a Reddit user said.

Other Redditors claimed that the YouTuber uploaded several videos that are “mostly how to double-cross and seduce young innocent children and women.”

“Although he specifies 18 years old and above, he uses the word ‘bata’ and uses photos of very young adults aged 18 years old and below. He must be reported for promoting sexual promiscuity, casual and immoral sex with very young adults through deception and betrayal,” a Reddit user said.

“This is so alarming?????? Bakit na-aallow ni YT (YouTube) ‘yung ganyan na content ksngjksdgnjksdgn I checked his other videos and they’re all similar na ‘how to condition girls into doing this,'” another Redditor commented.

A different user shared suggestions on how to report the YouTube user.

“For those wanting to report to YouTube, you have to visit the profile, then find the about tab, then there is a flag button/icon,” the Redditor said.

As of this writing, the “Usapang Diskarte” channel has 252,000 subscribers.

It has a Facebook counterpart under the same handle (@UsapangDiskarte), with 12,000 followers.

The Philippines, according to a 2021 Global Threat Assessment report by the WeProtect Global Alliance, saw a 265% increase in online child sexual abuse between March and May 2020.

British newspaper The Guardian also cited a 2020 study which noted that one in five children between 12 and 17 years old in the Philippines were subjected to grave instances of online sexual abuse while using the internet.

Among these types of abuse is grooming, which refers to “manipulative behaviors that the abuser uses to gain access to a potential victim, coerce them to agree to the abuse, and reduce the risk of being caught.”

An anti-sexual violence organization said that this includes abusers attempting “to gain trust of a potential victim through gifts, attention, sharing ‘secrets’ and other means to make them feel that they have a caring relationship and to train them to keep the relationship secret.”