Modern Gregorio del Pilar: Paulo Avelino speaks up on curent issues in Twitter Q&A

September 6, 2018 - 3:32 PM
Paulo Avelino had a Q&A on Twitter with the hashtag "#AskGoyo." Fans and followers admired most of his answers to their queries related to the country. (Facebook/Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral)

In a Q&A on Twitter with the hashtag “#AskGoyo,” Paulo Avelino earned admiration from Filipino fans for his replies on current issues pertaining to the country.

Last September 5, the actor began to answer queries from his fans and followers on the social media platform.

According to one of his replies to a curious user, he was just passing time since he was stuck in EDSA on his way to the cinemas.

One user compared Avelino’s patriotism against Robin Padilla, saying, “This country needs more Paulo Avelinos, not Robin Padillas.”

Padilla gained buzz after he commented on Trillanes’ amnesty revocation.

In the screenshot above, Avelino was asked if he would join a revolution: “Kung para sa prinsipyo pinaglalaban ko, oo,” (If I am fighting for my principles, yes) the actor answered to @TheKejOfGlory.

Another user asked if the real Gregorio del Pilar would be happy in the country’s current state. “Malamang hindi,” (Most likely not) Avelino answered to @rojgelomina.

The modern ‘Goyo’ 

Avelino is playing the titular character of the historical film “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral,” Gregorio del Pilar. The film is a sequel to the blockbuster hit “Heneral Luna” and it tackles the story of the young general’s last five months until his death.

It also touches on the “human” side of del Pilar, particularly his exploits with women and how he treads the revolutionary war against the Americans.

Avelino was chosen to play del Pilar because Jerrold Tarog, the film’s director, wanted someone to portray the young general in a brooding, introspective and fallible manner.

“I was looking for someone who could convey internal struggles more than the arrogance and overconfidence that Gregorio del Pilar was accused of by some authors. I wanted doubt and fear hiding behind a mask of self-satisfaction,” he shared in an interview.

Tarog noted that he found the qualities in Avelino. The actor, on his part, prepared for his role by reading up on historical books that tackled del Pilar’s life.

Avelino revealed that he identified with del Pilar’s character through the young general’s dedication to his country and how he respected the authorities.

“He obviously loved his country, he always respected his higher-ups,” the actor said when asked how he identified himself with del Pilar as a person.

“Everything’s really internal for Goyo. He knows what he needs to do, but he does what he wants to do,” Avelino added, noting that they are both “introverts.”

In another interview, Avelino shared that he wanted to show not just the human side of del Pilar, but also of other national heroes.

“Gusto kong ipakilala hindi lang si Goyo, kundi ang iba pang bayani bilang mga tao din gaya natin na nagkakamali din at hindi perpekto,” he said.