‘Go, go, go!’ Rufa Mae Quinto dubs ‘Detective Pikachu’ in fan-edited trailer

April 3, 2019 - 4:01 PM
Rufa Mae Quinto by the pool
Rufa Mae Quinto by the poolside. (Instagram/rufamaequinto)

A Facebook page edited the trailer of upcoming movie “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu” for fun and used Rufa Mae Quinto’s voice to “dub” the titular well-loved character.

Fan page “Pokémon Philippines” shared the video where some of the actress’ lines in movies and/or television shows were used as Pikachu’s dialogues.

Social media users were amused with the edit but another commented if the equally distinctive voice of Kris Aquino could be used in the dub as well.

Last November 2018, the trailer of the live-action movie surprised fans with its mix of computer-generated imagery (CGI) effects and the voice acting of some recognized names.

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The movie, which is set to be released in Philippine cinemas on May 9, 2019, tells the story of Pikachu and a human named Tim as they attempt to solve the mystery behind his father’s sudden disappearance.

The character of Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, a development that immediately took the fandom by surprise.

The actor is known for appearing in comedies, particularly in the action-comedy anti-hero franchise “Deadpool.”

Rufa Mae Quinto as a dubber 

Rufa Mae Quinto previously released an audition video where she acted as the Filipino voice of Waze, a navigator application for smartphones.

The video featured her saying her famous catchphrases such as “Go, go, go!” and “Todo mo na!”

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It was her response to the numerous requests made by social media users who wanted her to voice the Filipino version of Waze ever since the company announced that they would be having a Filipino navigation voice.

Waze responded by saying that she can use her own voice as a navigator by customizing the app’s settings.