‘Unhappy’ Liza Soberano lashes out at internet service provider, Pemberton release

September 8, 2020 - 4:28 PM
Liza Soberano in a 2020 endorsement. Photo by BJ Pascual via Liza Soberano/Instagram

Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano recently gained traction on social media for some of her tweets on a rant against slow internet connection and President Rodrigo Duterte granting absolute pardon to the United States marine who killed a Filipino transwoman.

The 22-year-old actress-vlogger on Sunday tweeted her disappointment over an telecommunication company’s internet service.

“Converge really needs to start fixing their internet speed. I am an unhappy customer,” Soberano said.

She followed it up by tagging the internet provider’s Twitter account dedicated to its customer service to make them aware of her complaint.

“Can’t even answer the phone whenever we call. How unprofessional,” Soberano continued.

Her tweets went viral as some Filipinos claimed to have similar experiences in terms of the internet provider’s customer service.

“I’m still paying for a bill that we can’t use for almost 2 (months) now. No one answers from e-mail, phone, click2call, Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram,” tweeted an online user in response to the actress.

“This is true, I’ve been stressed by their Customer Service for 3 days since I am in a WFH (work-from-home) set up. They are hanging up, how rude,” wrote another Filipino.

Minutes after Soberano’s last tweet about the internet service provider, the Twitter account of Converge dedicated to providing customer service, replied and said that it has sent her a direct message about the matter.

The internet has become a necessity amid the novel coronavirus pandemic as Filipinos work and study from their own houses for health and safety measures to avoid the risk of coronavirus transmission.

This has prompted a rise in the demand for faster internet connection from service providers as non-essential workers remain housebound and education shifts to distance learning.


Another series of tweets from Soberano likewise went viral, where she aired her anger against the government following the absolute pardon granted to Pemberton who was convicted of homicide for killing Jennifer Laude in 2014.

“So a (murderer) was just released for good conduct. Are we supposed to just forget that he killed Jennifer Laude because he’s done some good? #JusticeForJenniferLaude #TransLivesMatter,” she wrote after Duterte had granted pardon to Pemberton.

“Another question, you think this murderer (I’m not even gonna say his name) wasn’t treated fairly but, was it fair that Jennifer Laude was murdered out of hate just because of her sexual orientation? #TransLivesMatter,” Soberano added.

Many Filipinos “liked” her tweets but there were also online users who bashed her for sharing her opinion on the matter.

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“What? Ang boba pala ng babaeng ito. Now naniwala na talaga akong acting lang ‘yung kunwaring matalino (siya). Stick to your craft, girl. Huwag masyadong pahalata na wala kang alam sa basic conprehension on laws & current events. Lening Leni ang peg,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Ouch ang sakit nasaktan ako,” Soberano quipped back to the detractor.

Her sarcastic response amused her followers who commented that it is “such a mood.”

Another Twitter user compiled some of Soberano’s tweets about the matter as she lamented the pardon granted to the American serviceman.

This included her response to a news report of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. confirming the chief executive’s decision.


“Damn at a time when all we need is unity, the government decides to make a mistake like this. Who’s side are you on, really? Who are you really serving? The people of the Philippines or yourselves?” she added.

The actress’ tweets caught the attention of radio host DJ Chacha or Czarina Balba who supported her.

In May, Soberano also made headlines after she expressed her anger against a post on child exploitation.

Soberano has been vocal about various issues during the community quarantine including the ABS-CBN shutdown, among others.

Pemberton’s absolute pardon

Duterte on Monday granted Pemberton absolute pardon following reports that the latter was qualified for an early release based on the computation of his Good Conduct Time Allowance, although it was still being held due to an appeal.

Being granted absolute pardon means the “the total extinction of the criminal liability of the individual to whom it is granted without any condition whatsoever resulting to the full restoration of his civil rights,” according to the justice department’s primer.

It also “removes all disabilities resulting from the conviction,” apart from the crime being completely removed from the individual’s record.

The pardon was condemned by Filipinos on social media where hashtags such as “#JusticeforJenniferLaude” and “#JunkVFA” gained traction, with the latter referring to the United States’ Visiting Forces Agreement under the Mutual Defense Treaty.

Pemberton, who met 26-year-old Laude in a bar while on break during a military exercise in Olongapo, killed her after finding out that she was a transwoman.

He was supposed to serve ten years in jail, particularly in the custodial center of the Armed Forces of the Philippines headquarters.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said that Duterte had granted absolute pardon to the serviceman in his own decision and was not prompted by anyone else.