Blackpink to hold virtual fan event ahead of ‘Light Up The Sky’ release

October 13, 2020 - 6:33 PM
Still from "Blackpink: Light up the sky" (Netflix/Released)

To celebrate the global release of the first Netflix K-pop documentary, “Blackpink: Light Up The Sky,”highest-charting female K-pop group will hold a virtual fan event on Tuesday evening.

All four members of Blackpink namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa will be answering questions from fans and interacting with a virtual audience from all over the world.

Fans may access the event via Netflix YouTube channel here:

The event is slated at 8 p.m.

Hours before the fan event, Blackpink also joined a virtual global press conference where they shared how excited they were for the release of their first film documentary.

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“We wanted to show all the hard work manifested on the glamorous stage of Blackpink while also sharing the more original moments backstage we have never shared to the fans before,” Jennie told the press.

Jisoo said the group really wanted to show more of their selves to their fans.

“We started out on this project thinking that we wanna show the more honest side of ourselves, the more genuine side of ourselves. Through having heart-to-heart and through very genuine and honest conversations, we were able to get to know each other even deeper and I think we realize just how much we mean to each other,” she shared.

Asked about her favorite moment while filming the documentary, Lisa shared that it’s when they gathered to watch their childhood videos.

“When we’re all together and we’re watching video clips of our childhood I felt that Rosé’s childhood was the most impressive. I hope that all the fans can have a look at that as well. Tomorrow needs to come very quickly,” Lisa said.

Meanwhile, Rosé shared that the documentary’s title was taken from the lyrics of their song “How You Like That.”

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“Part of those lyrics says ‘Light Up the Sky,’ so when we’re asked how does ‘light up the sky’ sound, we all really loved it. We thought it was very fitting and perfect,” she said.

The film documentary directed by Korean-American Caroline Suh (Netflix’s “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”) is premiering on streaming giant Netflix on Wednesday, October 14.