Replying to PS4 unboxing video critics, Matteo Guidicelli uses ‘shock absorbent’ table in new video

January 13, 2021 - 4:27 PM
Matteo Guidicelli on PS5 Unboxing
Matteo Guidicelli unboxes PlayStation 5 on his video uploaded on his YouTube on Jan. 13, 2021. (Screenshot by Interaksyon via YouTube/Matteo Guidicelli)

Actor and vlogger Matteo Guidicelli assured his viewers that the table where he placed his new PlayStation5 for his latest unboxing video is “shock absorbent” following the criticisms he received from his first unboxing video.

The Filipino-Italian racer turned actor uploaded his sixth unboxing video on his YouTube channel on Wednesday where he opened the newly launched gaming console and then proceeded to unveil its contents.

At the start of the video, Guidicelli was warned by somebody in the background that the console was “expensive.”

Guidicelli acknowledged this and then went ahead to open the box containing the PS5, which was tossed to him from outside the camera view.

He then unboxed the contents but unlike before, Guidicelli managed to set aside those he would throw from those that are part of the gaming console.

“So the things I’m going to use, I put it on the left, the things I’m not gonna use, I put it on the right,” Guidicelli said.

He added that their household likes to “recycle” and then proceeded to remove the final wrapper of PS5 in a way that made it bounced on the table.

“Sa mga nagco-complain diyan, by the way, this table is shock-absorbent so the PS5 does not feel any… kumbaga, it doesn’t feel any shock because the table is from a Cebu company and it’s shock absorbent, so it bounces,” Guidicelli explained.

A shock absorber pertains to a material that absorbs the energy of sudden impulses or shocks in surfaces. Objects made with such consideration are called shock absorbent.

Guidicelli in his video also managed to consider the papers needed for the console’s warranty, unlike before when he tore the packaging sleeve of PS4 before realizing it was needed for “extended warranty service.”

On Wednesday afternoon, the actor’s video has earned more than 206,000 views, 5,000 likes and 6,700 dislikes on the video-sharing platform.

It has also earned more than 3,800 comments, including one from actor-comedian Michael V, a toy collector and video game enthusiast.

Michael V comment on Matteo unboxing
Michael V leaves a comment on Matteo Guidicelli’s PS5 unboxing video on Jan. 13, 2021. (Screengrab by Interaksyon from Matteo Guidicelli via YouTube)

Others expressed their disapproval with the way Guidicelli had handled the package, including the console, on his second PlayStation unboxing video.

“Hayz, ‘di na natuto Matteo…ma-vo-void warranty niyan,” a YouTube user wrote in the comments with a sad face emoticon.

“He did it again. Sarah, ‘yung asawa mo!!” another viewer exclaimed.

Meanwhile, there were those who claimed that the actor might’ve been “trolling” his bashers in his video.

“Guys I believe he is just trolling now. Don’t get too triggered,” a YouTube user said with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

“He is (a) genius. He knows how to gather views on his YT channel using his past content that triggered so many. Good job sir! Very effective way to be relevant,” wrote another viewer.

Guidicelli’s first unboxing video, which featured a PlayStation 4, was previously not welcomed by some viewers due to the way he  handled the console and its packaging which they claim was “destructive.”

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He shortly uploaded a new video and then casually challenged his viewers to a game of “Call of Duty” through his new console that time.