‘Yung itlog lang’: Jodi Sta. Maria explains viral ‘itlog’ comment

December 28, 2023 - 6:49 PM
Jodi Sta. Maria
Jodi Sta. Maria in this photo posted on her Instagram on May 16, 2023 (jodistamaria/Instagram)

Actress and celebrity mom Jodi Sta. Maria issued an explanation about her viral “itlog” or egg comment in a video where she and fellow co-actors talked about parenthood and raising kids.

The actress appeared on Modern Parenting’s “Couch Talk” with fellow celebrity parents Ian Veneracion, Dennis Trillo, Iza Calzado and Dimples Romana on December 15, where they shared their insights and experiences on parenting.

Jodi is a mother to Thirdy Lacson, her 18-year-old unico hijo with Panfilo “Pampi” Lacson Jr., the son of former senator Ping Lacson.

In the video, the actress talked about co-parenting with a former partner. Each of them also discussed how they protect their kids from social media, bashing and gossip.

In the conversation, they were asked the following:

“Being that you all have been in the industry for more than 20 years, how do you protect your kids from social media, bashing, gossip?”

Dennis answered that he would teach his children how to respect, adding that he would tell them to think twice if they wanted to comment negatively.

He also said that he would tell them to be “responsible” when posting on social media.

Ian agreed and cited instances of people who cannot take responsibility for their online comments.

“Or ‘yung mga anonymous,” he said.

Jodi butted in and then exclaimed, “Or ‘yung itlog lang.”

Ian, Dimples and Dennis laughed while Ian did a double take.

“‘Yung itlog lang, ‘yung profile pic!” Jodi added and then laughed.

The moment was uploaded on the X (formerly Twitter) platform and reposted by a parody account giving ABS-CBN-related updates.

“HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA nakakahawa ‘yung tawa ni Iza at Ian,” the account said. Its post has reached 3,400 likes and several comments.

Jodi was able to explain her answer to her fellow celeb parents but since it was not included in the clip posted on X, she had to clarify it to the online community.

“Naabutan [niyo] ba ‘yung panahon na ‘pag dummy account or troll account, ‘yung profile pic sa Twitter ay itlog?” she said in a quote post.

“‘Yun lang naman ang gusto kong sabihin,” the actress added with rolling-on-the-floor laughing emojis.

“Baka kasi luma na ‘yung reference ko. Hahahaha,” Jodi added.

The ‘egg’ photo 

Twitter (currently X) has already changed its default profile photo for its users in 2017.

From the egg figure, it shifted to a gray silhouette of a close-up image of an individual.

In a blog post, the platform said that the egg was “a playful way to reference how eggs hatch into birds that send all the Tweets you see on Twitter.”

It changed the default egg photo to encourage “people to upload their own photos for more personal expression,” adding that it was aware some users kept the default egg photo “because they thought it was fun and cute.”

Twitter said it hoped the change would “help prompt more self-expression” among users.