Matteo Guidicelli casually uploads new video playing PS4 after being bashed for unboxing it

June 22, 2020 - 8:20 PM
Matteo Guidicelli on YouTube
Matteo Guidicelli plays "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" in his PlayStation 4 console in this video uploaded on his YouTube channel on June 21, 2020. (YouTube Screengrab/Matteo Guidicelli)

Kapamilya actor and vlogger Matteo Guidicelli uploaded a new YouTube video challenging his viewers to a game shortly after his unboxing video of PlayStation 4 drew more than 30,000 “dislikes.”

The 30-year-old actor, who is also a reservist of the Philippine Army, dared his viewers to play shooter game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” in a video uploaded on Sunday where he admitted that he is still “new” to playing PS4.

The vlog titled “I love my PS4 – call of duty anyone?” has so far gained more than 16,500 views, more than 620 “likes” and more than 720 “dislikes” as of this writing.

Guidicelli captioned this with, “yup I’m challenging you! COD GAME??”

Reactions to Guidicelli’s latest video varied. Some praised the actor for supposedly keeping his cool amid the online bashing he previously received for his PS4 unboxing video.

Matteo be Like: I’m just Chillin enjoying playing Ps4,” a YouTube user wrote. 

Hahahahaa Matteo silently saying, just hate me. I’m not here to please you. I won’t live with ur standards…” another online user commented. 

Others joked that they were expecting Guidicelli to “slam the disc” he showed in the first minutes of the video, referencing how he previously unboxed his PS4 “carelessly.”

“I’m actually surprised on how he puts the disc in, I’m expecting him to just slam the disc inside the PS4 lmao,” an online user wrote.

“Uy. Buti gumana pa,” commented another online user.

First unboxing video 

Guidicelli over the weekend went viral because of a June 1 sponsored video where he unboxed his PS4 bundle which reportedly “costs around P25,000.” It earned a significantly higher amount of “dislikes” than “likes” from the online community.

His name then landed on the top trending list of Twitter Philippines on Monday with over 12,600 tweets, as of writing.

The actor disclosed that the last time he owned a PlayStation console was when he was around “8 or 9 years old” and that it was his brother who “persuaded” him to get a PS4.

He also admitted that he was not used to making unboxing videos.

“I’m not good at unboxing, this is my first time. So maybe later I can learn,” Guidicelli said.

He then ripped off the packaging sleeve of the gaming console before realizing it has to be intact for the two-year warranty period.

“Please keep the sleeve for extended warranty service… I just broke it, sorry. Anyways…” Guidicelli said.

He also attempted to read the back part of the package but he eventually threw it away and mentioned he doesn’t “really like reading instructions.”

This manner of unboxing his gaming console was not welcomed by the local online community, particularly the gaming and unboxing enthusiasts.

A gaming video creator even compared his unboxing to GMA actor-comedian Michael V. However, the latter is a known toy collector who has uploaded unboxing videos on his YouTube channel.

there are two types of people… which one are you??grabe kayo guys magkaiba lang tlga sila ng way hahaha!!original…

Posted by Benjopop Gaming on Sunday, June 21, 2020


Unboxing is the act of people showing off their purchases and then describing or commenting about it in front of the camera. Others would also give product reviews.

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It is usually done by vloggers and influencers who unbox everything from gadgets to makeup products and other hauls so that their followers can have a preview of what they have bought and what the viewers can buy.

feature of CNN Business said the activity offers “an unvarnished and honest peek at commercial products.”

“People want to know what they’re really getting, whether the product looks cheap or well made, or if there are more parts than advertised. It’s research material for devoted comparison shoppers and collectors,” it added.