‘Not mad, just furious’: How Heart Evangelista responded to critics telling her to get pregnant

September 6, 2021 - 5:09 PM
Heart Evangelista
Heart Evangelista in New York City in this photo from her Instagram on Aug. 16, 2021. (Photo from instagram/iamhearte)

Actress-socialite Heart Evangelista addressed critics sharing comments on pregnancy in response to a video where she flaunted her body while on previous vacation.

The 36-year-old artist responded to comments made on a TikTok video where she was previously seen enjoying the beach in Sorsogon Province which she is its first lady.

Last month, Heart also shared similar pictures of her on vacation with the following caption: “Yet sometimes, I wish I was here (white heart emoji).”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user shared screengrabs of some comments found under the TikTok video and called out people who have similar mindsets.

A TikTok user has uploaded a video of Heart clad in a printed bikini and enjoying the waves as it approaches her.

It’s also accompanied by a text which reads: “Wish I was here (butterfly emoji).”

@_lovemarieGrabe yung katawan @lme85 #fyp #heartevangelista♬ You’re Perfect – Charly Black

Some comments did not sit well with a Twitter user who used it as an opportunity to proclaim that a woman is not defined by her capability to give birth.

“Violent reminder that a woman’s body does not exist to create children NOR TO BE OWNED BY HER HUSBAND. No woman is any less because she’s unable to bear a child,” she tweeted.

The comments which were called out are the following:

“Sayang lang ang ganda ng katawan, hindi mabuntis ng asawa.” 

“Grabe ang katawan uy, parang hindi pa nagamit nang todo (laughing-with-tears emoji)” 

“Swerte ng next husband ni Heart, parang ‘di masyadong nagamit ni Chiz hahaha” 

“Wala din ‘yan kung hindi kayang magbuntis (laughing-with-tears emoji)” 

Heart saw the comments, including the tweet that called criticisms out.

“Ok na sana lahat. Stop telling me to get pregnant unless you really want to hurt me. Nobody knows the real struggle. Also, may I add, life is good. People I love are fine and everything else in between is ok, so bonus na lang if I do conceive again. It’s my body,” she wrote, responding to the comments screengrabbed from the video.

“I’m not mad, just furious how people think na need mo magkaanak para maging masaya. I am already a happy person and grateful (folded hands emoji). Tama na ang pressure. Inspire each other na lang tayo,” Heart wrote in another tweet.

“Wag kayo mag-alala, nobody has a perfect life… my life is far from that,” she shared in a separate tweet.

Losing unborn twins

Last July, Heart reportedly recounted the day she has lost her twins in 2018.

“Worst day of my life. Lost my twins… Now I have angels :-),” she reportedly wrote in an Instagram Story.

The actress in May 2018 announced her pregnancy with Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero. She lost them in a miscarriage a month after.

Doctors told Heart that it was a vanishing twin syndrome in which losing one of the babies could cause complications or pose risk to the other if the latter would survive.

She also addressed the comments thrown at her following the tragedy in a December 2018 interview.

“Being in showbiz didn’t make it easy for me. I didn’t even realize that that was even a factor of my depression. But it was. Because for the first time in my life, after a really long time, every single word that was said against my baby and against me really hit me. It really did,” Heart told the Philippine Entertainment Portal.

“My heart was bleeding every time they said something bad, and it was really hurtful,” the actress added.

Last November, Heart reportedly shared that she and Chiz were going to try another option once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

“Malapit na. After the pandemic, mag-option C na ako. Nag-B na ako eh, so C na tayo. Wait lang kayo diyan. Mag-option C na ako after the pandemic. Bigyan lang natin ito ng chance,” she was quoted as saying before.